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Hello friends of hive, as you can see in the video I uploaded, I shall be talking about all what is in the video for you to understand what the video entails. The video is talking about the Robb 23ml capping machine and it's components.


In the video you will see the main capping machine which is the one capping the products going into it and so you will see the capping machine panel which is next to the capping machine also you will see the turn table which allows the free movement of the Robb product into the capping machine and then you will see the tall object which is the cap elevator and on top of the elevator there is where you will see the cap sorter which is also called the unscrambler which uses air energy and also electrical energy to function. Together with all this device is what makes up the capping machine and it's components.


  1. The capping machine it self
  2. The capping machine panel
  3. The cap elevator
  4. The cap sorter(unscrambler)

The machine works more within minutes and it's able to produce 142 pieces of Robb container within a minutes there making it produce about close to 200 cartons with 8 hours. The machine has worked and still working till date. I hope this puts more light to the video.
Thanks for watching and enjoy the rest of your day.

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