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RE: Changing Strings With A 3D Printed Guitar String Drill Winder

in Threespeak3 months ago

Thank you kindly for the support and reblog my friend.

I start off by cutting the strings, then using pliers I pull the remnants out of the machine heads ha ha ha...I'm very lazy.

More like very smart!
I've been a guitar player most of my life, and I don't remember ever cutting the strings or even thinking to.
I do know that my diagonal cutters might break from this though, because I broke a different pair cutting metal with them.
I'll have to see what I can find for strong dykes/wire cutters.. I would rather have this process only take me 5 minutes, but 10 is still an improvement.

I will have to make a rebuttal video of ME changing my strings (which BADLY need replacing ha ha ha)

Hahaha If you can do it faster than me with a drill string winder, I might as well just quit guitar 😂

Have a good night Jerry.


So the race is on? ha ha ha. Good Morning @futuremind