Analysis of All Five Conditions to Satisfy Congruence of Two Triangle

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Title of The Video: At which conditions two triangle will be congruent

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There are several conditions of Congruence of Triangle. In this video I have shared all the conditions related to congruence of Triangle. Two triangles can be congruent with three satisfying condition. And there are two conditions where triangles will not be congruent.
Watch the video to know details about all five conditions satisfying congruence of Triangle. Hope you will have a good idea on this topic.

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I hope you have got a good idea on this topic. Feel free to ask about this topic in the comment box and give me your valuable suggestion about which area I can improve.

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Explained in a remarkable way to explain the Congruence between the two triangles. Even if the angles of two triangles are equal, it is not a Congruence triangle. If two sides and one angle of two triangles are equal, then the two triangles are Congruence. Many ninth and tenth graders students in particular confuse these. Many people make a mistake in finding out the Congruence triangle. You have explained the whole process in a wonderful way. Thanks

Initially I had some misconception on this topic of Congruence. So, i studies well on this topic and summarized to make it clear to all of my viewers.