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RE: 50 Years Of Technological Advancement In The Next 15 Years

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Hyperinflation is coming.

I think I finally figured it out. You're totally right about tech creating deflation, which is exactly why we need crypto to create hyperinflation to counter it. The only way automation can move forward is to print massive amounts of money out of thin air and distribute it more fairly to the population. Of course this isn't the kind of inflation that everyone is worried about. It's the heathiest type of inflation there is. Wealth distributed back to the communities; giving the means of production back to the people.

If the next 15 years really does progress 50 years ahead, fiat will be dead by then.

Huge upvote for someone who finally gets it.

The Fed, along with the other Central Banks, is not printing money out of corruption. They are doing it since they have no choice.

If they did not, the deflationary forces of technology would simply overwhelm the system. When 6%-8% of the US economy is under IT, with a historic deflationary rate of 30% (and likely moving higher in the next decade), how can that be counter balanced? The only way is to keep increasing the money supply, which furthers the development of more technology.

Right now, we need an annual expansion of about 20% of the money supply to keep up. That will give the gold bugs like Peter Schiff a heart attack.

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