Unboxing my Purple iPhone 14 Pro Max

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Time to see what it is like 📲

Last week you may have seen me post this video about purchasing a Deep Purple iPhone 14 Pro Max using HIVE/BTC. I am happy to say that I finally have the device in my possession and it is absolutely awesome!

I decided to record an unboxing of not only my new iPhone but several accessories that I got to go with it. I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to get one of these the day that they were released. I've been using an iPhone XS for many years, but finally, I get to upgrade.

Not only is the phone faster, bigger, and better in every single way, but it also has some of the best mobile cameras currently available on the market. This device will help me increase the quality of my content to a new level. It already has me motivated to start taking many more photos than I'm used to, plus my videos will look even better than before.

I cannot wait to make use of my new phone for even better content creation. Let this video be my final footage recorded with my old iPhone XS. I proudly introduce to you my gorgeous iPhone 14 Pro max.

Products featured in the video 🛍

Deep Purple iPhone 14 Pro Max 512GB

MagSafe Duo Charger

Gear4 Piccadilly Snap Case with Magsafe

ESR HaloLock MagSafe Wireless Car Charger

Ailun 3 Pack Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro Max + 3 Pack Camera Lens Protector

Thanks for watching!


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😉😁😜😊🤙 dang case!

but that charger is so slick! finally wireless charging is getting as cool as it should be.. soon it will just charge if u are in the same room as the charger.

PRO!! :P

yea, the new case looks pretty bullet proof! and the screen is ALMOST as bright as ur future is!

and yea for the new hiver.. maybe.. u should mention it if he does join later and we can follow him..

where did u get that pretty gurl wallpaper?!

Wireless charging is pretty cool, but when you use MagSafe to take advantage of it, things just feel so much better. I love how it locks to the center where you need to be connected to charge. I believe you with that prediction. That or they find a way to make our hands the wireless charger.

I'm excited to test the screen outside in bright sunlight. During moments on the beach this past summer, I could hardly see my other phone's screen most of the time. I have a feeling that problem has been resolved.

I'll be sure to mention him if he actually joins.

I think you know where that wallpaper was created 😉

make our hands the wireless charger. wow, that would be awesome! 🤙

That is one sexy phone. My 11 Pro Max is still going strong and I won't be swapping it before it says goodbye on its own.

Sounds like you will be good to wait it out until they do a massive design change. Maybe if they do foldable a few years down the road, then it would make more sense to upgrade. My smaller and slower XS still works fine, but those cameras were just really starting to feel outdated. I'm also really happy to have a much larger/brighter screen with double the refresh rate.


I normally swapped phones every year but after the 11 Pro Max I felt like the cameras were good enough that there couldn't be huge improvements year after year like there was before. I don't really like the look of foldable phones but we'll see how Apple does it. They usually do things better than everyone else.

I have faith 🤞

Wow I've tried a good number of times to view the video and I finally did 😅

I saw your post where you ordered for the phone and I'm one of those looking forward to seeing you owning the phone and you finally have it with you.

The good camera is what makes me keep saying wow about the phone... Really amazing!

Now, I can't wait to see your next photography shots using your new IPhone 😊 it's so exciting as if I got one too 😅


I’m guessing 3Speak was giving you issues, or it was too much data to download. I’m glad it worked. Thanks for watching. I appreciate you being happy for me.

This camera really is something else. I think the only weakness that it has is the lack of something like a 20x zoom without loss of resolution. I’m sure they’re saving that for the next upgrade though, know how Apple is.

Or maybe it's my phone level 😂
3speak can act somehow whenever I have to see a video I'm so curious about 😅

So typical of Apple, giving it out in tiny bits... I've once tried to wonder what number they'll stop at or they'll never stop.

There would be an IPhone 100 Pro and more 😅

I've been using an iPhone XS for many years, but finally, I get to upgrade.

Congratulations on the realization of one of your dreams, Bro.
I'm glad to hear you've made it happen soon.

Tools that are sophisticated and of good quality will be really useful if they are in the hands of qualified people too. 14 ProMax also very much agrees if it is in your hands.
But, don't forget to thank XS for the services that have been in your hands for years. It also has feelings and has brought your success so far.

May all your dreams come true, and I will wait for the first results from your best 14 Pro Max camera.

Thank you my friend, I'm very happy about this as well. My XS has been great to me, but I have a feeling the 14 Pro Max will do me even better.

OMG! this is a super hot phone, and for sure every victims like us, should have a picture of his toxic like lockscreen wallpaper hahahaha.

Here is some !PIZZA for u bro!


I got away with having a custom design wallpaper for a long time. Then I decided to switch it to a photo of my gf and when she saw it you should have seen her face. She told me she’s never been on anybody’s Lock Screen before and I can’t ever take her off now that I know how much she appreciates it. I’m sure your lady feels the same way and is happy that you are proud to show off her beauty.

For sure!, it's a joke between my gf and I, she says that she is the toxic, and I'm the victim hahaha. But yes, she appreciates so much of it.

Hmm, this is the first time I've seen an iPhone 14 unpacked. Strange that I hadn't watched it before, but I'm glad it happened on Hive!

My XR is still serving me well, but you're right, sometimes you want a better camera to make better content!

Congrats on the phone upgrade! Have a great week ahead!

I'm glad you found it first here on Hive. It sounds like you are in a similar position to me and can't help but have a craving for an upgrade soon. I wonder how long you will be able to last until you pull the trigger.

😅 Yes, it's true! Well, let's see...

It's like christmas at Daltono's!

Huge congrats! got it with bells, whistles and a faulty case 😄 sorry 'bout that

Good job on talking to the AT&T rep about HIVE! would be cool if he came over to our awesome corner of the blockchain space.

It does indeed feel similar to getting gifts at Christmas when I was younger.

Case issue was solved and ended up being a good trip to AT&T for once since the worker wanted to talk crypto. He hasn’t messaged me yet like he said he would, so not a good sign. I did watch him type the links I gave him on a note on his phone though, so at least he has the info.

Took me a hot minute to figure this out. How's the new phone working out?

Glad to see you made it on here bro! The phone is pretty sweet, no complaints.
I just saw your message on Twitter and will hit you back shortly.

Ohhh what a sweet upgrade from XS!
It’s worth the wait.
As for me, my 11 pro is still good so unless apple releases something greater, i’ll stick with what I have.

I think anybody with a Pro phone would be okay to not upgrade for awhile longer. Mine was just really starting to lack in certain areas, so I felt now was a good time to do it.

Man, the vividness of the image is just WOW! Arguably the most powerful mobile camera there is. I think having this iPhone 14 Pro Max is not just an upgrade but a great investment.

Can’t wait to showcase the true capabilities of the cameras. There’s so much new for me to take advantage of.

A big congratulations to you. I am currently using Redmi note 10 pro but planning to change it to iPhone 11 pro in the next few months

If you are able to get any iPhone Pro model, no matter what year, you will love it I'm sure.

Wow, lucky you. I hope this new device helps in every way possible to make you happy.

Lucky me indeed. I cannot forget how amazing it is to be given this chance to own this device.

Wow. its already in. Congratulations. I believe the phone will serve your followers well by giving us the best pictures a camera can give. Enjoy it

It didn't take long at all. Only had to wait a week, unless you count 4 years of waiting while using my old XS 😆

The new iPhone 14 will really help in your videos as been said. Congrats!!

It certainly will. Video production and photography both will improve a lot thanks to this.

Nice dude, new phone looks awesome! I'm eventually going to get a new one but got some life left in my current phone! Lol. Hopefully I can get one on a good deal, my wife refuses to pay full price for any of that stuff.

Annoying about the case but hopefully that turns into a new user for Hive!

Thanks bro! I'm loving it so far. Paying full price hurts, but sometimes I'm willing to do it for things that I REALLY want.

I was annoyed about the case at first, but now I see it as a positive thing since I got to talk to that dude.

Would love one myself, still chugging along with my iPhone 7

I would love for you to have one. I know that older phones work just fine, but there is nothing like having the latest device.

Congratulations on your new iphone sir!

This device will help me increase the quality of my content to a new level. It already has me motivated to start taking many more photos

This is a brilliant idea. Gonna start saving now.☺️

Thank you kindly. It’s a big investment, but one that will surely pay off with more hard work.

Ohhhhh, your new iPhone is georgous indeed. Can your video content look more neat than this? 😃 I'm sure you'll use it for your next video so we see what the quality looks like. Enjoy your new phone nd best wishes

Yes all future videos I’ll be using this new camera.

Congrats it is really nice and enjoy every part of it

Thanks! I am very happy with my purchase.

now to enjoy your new phone and all those new features besides the cameras


what a good friend and enjoy your new phone in addition to all those accessories and functions that the iPhone 14 Pro Max has

Thank you! It’s great to finally have it.

wao , here in chile (latin america) its price is too expensive at the moment but it is a great phone.

It’s definitely not cheap, which sucks.

Nice unboxing! Well probably i will stick with the mini

Thanks! If what you have is still working, it’s probably best to not spend extra funds on something slightly newer.

It really look pretty, I phone has amazing ideas


Congratulations and celebration 🎉🎉🎉


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