I bought a Purple iPhone 14 Pro Max and paid with HIVE/BTC

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Apple always finds a way to innovate 📲⌚️🤩

One of the most exciting times of the year is finally here. Apple had an event a few days ago announcing all sorts of awesome new products. The main attraction was the new iPhone 14, but there are a lot of other things to talk about.


In today's video, I want to provide you with a full recap of everything that was announced at this event. If you thought you knew all of what Apple would reveal, I'm going to guess that you'll be surprised by a lot of this stuff.

What was announced❓


1️⃣ Apple Watch Series 8
Car Crash Detection. A temperature sensor for deeper insights into women’s health and their cycles. An enhanced Workout app with advanced metrics. Sleep stages tracking to see how much time you spend in REM, core and deep sleep. Source

2️⃣ The all-new Apple Watch Ultra

This is Apple Watch Ultra. Our most rugged and capable Apple Watch ever. Featuring a 49mm corrosion-resistant titanium case, multi-day battery life, three new specialized bands, a customizable Action button, precision dual-frequency GPS, innovative safety features like an 86-decibel siren and water resistant 100m. Apple Watch Ultra—a watch that pushes boundaries, so you can do the same. Source

3️⃣ AirPods Pro

The all-new AirPods Pro have been completely reengineered for breakthrough sound. A next-generation H2 Apple-designed audio chip enables superior audio performance. Now there’s up to 2x more Active Noise Cancellation, and Adaptive Transparency that lets outside sounds in while reducing loud environmental noise. And for a more immersive listening experience, Personalized Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking places sound all around you. A single charge delivers up to 6 hours of battery life. And Touch control lets you easily adjust volume with a swipe and manage playback functions from the stem. Source

4️⃣ iPhone 14

Introducing iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. Two great sizes, Big (6.1”) and Bigger (6.7”). A new front camera with autofocus. A more advanced dual-camera system for even better photos. Action mode for extra smooth videos. All-day battery life on iPhone 14. And our longest battery life ever on iPhone 14 Plus. The lightning-fast A15 Bionic chip. And two groundbreaking new safety features we hope you’ll never have to use, Crash Detection and Emergency SOS via satellite. All in five stunning colors. Now that’s big. Source

5️⃣ iPhone 14 Pro

What lies beyond a traditional smartphone? Let’s find out. This is iPhone 14 Pro. It starts with the Dynamic Island, an interactive place that bubbles up alerts, notifications, and activities. The Always-On display keeps go-to information just a glance away and has refresh rates ranging from 1-120Hz. The most impressive iPhone camera system yet has an all-new 48MP Main camera with a quad-pixel sensor along with telephoto and wide-angle lenses. And photographers who want even more control now have a new 48MP ProRAW option. New Action mode offers gimbal-like stabilized video. Cinematic mode is now in 4K HDR at 24fps. Finally, there’s the A16 Bionic chip, all-day battery life, and vital new safety features we hope you’ll never need: Emergency SOS via satellite and Crash Detection. Source

6️⃣ Dynamic Island

Welcome to a shape-shifting, multitasking, head-turning, game-changing iPhone experience. Dynamic Island blends fun and function like never before, consolidating your notifications, alerts, and activities into one interactive place. It’s integrated throughout iOS 16 — and can work with all kinds of apps — to seamlessly surface what you need, right when you need it. Source

7️⃣ A few smaller things too

The star of the show for me was the iPhone 14 Pro and Dynamic Island. This surprising feature is quite possibly one of the coolest things to be added to an iPhone in quite some time. We finally know why Apple insisted on switching to the pill shape to house the front-facing cameras, rather than their traditional notch.

What I'm buying 🤑

After careful consideration, I have determined which model I will be upgrading to. Currently, I have an iPhone XS from 2018. I have been patiently waiting for the 14 to come out as I'm beyond ready for a new device.


I am getting an iPhone 14 Pro Max with 512 GB of storage. Out of the four color options, I am most drawn to the unique purple color. That's my build and it will cost me $1,399 + tax. A hefty price, but one I think is warranted since my iPhone allows me to create content, among many other things.

How I am paying 💸

Most people get on a payment plan or trade in their old iPhone, but I always prefer to just purchase the phone outright and be done with it.



Since I am living off of crypto these days, that means I need a way to turn my HIVE into BTC. I use https://stealthex.io for that.

Then I purchase Apple Store gift cards with my BTC using https://www.bitrefill.com.

I did this same thing back when I purchased my new M1 iMac. The whole process is about as seamless as it gets right now. I wish Apple would just accept cryptocurrency payments, but at least buying gift cards with crypto is still relatively easy.

This is what excites me the most 🥳

I have so many reasons to be hyped about upgrading my iPhone to the latest model. A few reasons stand out to me more than others. I'd like to take the time to list my most anticipated features now.

1️⃣ 48MP camera with additional Telephoto and Ultra Wide lenses
2️⃣ Action Mode for better image stabilization during video
3️⃣ A larger (6.7") and brighter (up to 2000nits) screen
4️⃣ The 120Hz refresh rate and always on display
5️⃣ Dynamic Island
6️⃣ Better battery life
7️⃣ MagSafe accessories
8️⃣ A16 Bionic chip
9️⃣ iOS 16 (releasing on September 12)

14 Pro.jpg

These are just some of the reasons that I am ecstatic to hand over more of my money to Apple. Preorders for the iPhone 14 start on September 9 and the launch will be on September 16. This means that by next weekend I will have my new iPhone 14 Pro Max in hand. My content is about to take another giant leap forward and I look forward to sharing my creations here with you.

You can find more information about all of these new products over at https://www.apple.com/


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Great man!, I've used the iPhone XS-Max for 3 years and now I have the iPhone 11, and I don't want to sound like a fanboy but the integration of the apple ecosystem is really amazing. I have the iPhone, iPad Air 4 and a Macbook Pro from 2012 and my productivity is really great with these devices. One of the features that I used usually is the copy-pasting between devices, oh God if I loose that I will die hahaha.

About Bitrefill I've using their services for a couple of years and it's amazing, that's how I can pay my Apple One services and Netflix and a lot of services that I can't pay with the Cuban currency. Obviusly I can't buy a device with Apple devices with Apple Pay because the US Embargo, but it still very useful for me.

Enjoy your new phone when it arrives, and we want to see the unboxing hahaha

It's easy to agree with your statement once you've experienced it. I have an Apple Watch Series 3, M1 iMac, a 2018 Macbook Pro, and an older iPad Mini. Plus I will soon have my two iPhones. It's nice to know that it all will work together seamlessly. Airdrop is one of the greatest inventions ever!

I did get the email from Bitrefill where they announced you could start paying your bills with crypto through them. It's such a great website. I really hope nothing changes for the worse over there. It would be a shame to ruin such a great thing. Fingers crossed Bitrefill keeps being awesome.

I always prefer to just purchase the phone outright and be done with it.

I've gone that way too recently and just bought my phone inadvance rather than paying off a tab. Granted, my phone wasn't the newest IPhone though. Still, it seems better to do it this way in the long run, if possible. It's cool that you showed the process of converting crypto to do so. I've never converted crypto to any sort of Fiat so I still don't know how to do it 😆

I understand that it is not always possible for everyone to do this, but I don't like knowing that I have to keep paying for something for multiple years. If I have the money now, why not just get it over with? Then I can work on enjoying the new purchase with no thoughts of having to continually pay for it.

If you ever have any questions about converting crypto to fiat, let me know and I will do my best to help you.

Yeah that's true. You're kind of stuck with the one service provider that was as well.

Thanks I appreciate that. I'll keep it in mind 😁

I’m excited for you . I thought of getting one but e-sim isn’t in Ghana local networks yet and so I have to wait a little before getting one. Moreover my financial standing cannot cater for one yet. I already have a broken screen MacBook to fix which I’m looking for a source of income to sort that one out

It’s crazy they finally took the SIM card away. I’m sure there are many people in the same position as you who must hold off until their part of the world is ready for something like this.

I understand not being able to spend the money though. & I’ve been holding off on replacing the battery on my MacBook Pro because it cost like $400-500 and I use my M1 iMac 99% of the time.

This is great! I'm looking To get the new Apple Watch! The most I've bought with #Hive is a few cups of coffee. I need to step up my game!

I’m going to guess that Hive isn’t your number 1 source of income. That would explain why you don’t have to spend it on much more than coffee… also tells me how you’ve managed to stack up to over 100k, big congrats to you for that! It’s always been a goal of mine.

Which Apple Watch are you planning to get? I still have a Series 3 and it works well enough for me. The SE is a comparable to what I have, but with a bigger screen. The Series 8 is the latest and feature full. The Ultra is top of the line and a bit overkill for most. Some will be so happy to get something like that, but for $800… ouch.

Im gonna opt for the Series 8, the Ultra is a bit much... I also have a series 3, but It doesn't really keep a charge anymore.

Fair choice, I think that’s the best option.

My Series 3 definitely won’t last a full 24 hours and I can tell a noticeable difference between my 3 and my gf’s 3. I got hers last Christmas and mine was given to me when my brother got a new watch… he had his since the series 3 launched in 2016. Mine is so old, yet somehow still manages to do the job.


chicken things 🐔🐥🐣

but dang! $800 for a watch?? but i like how it can take donuts and bananas thrown at it!

Congrats man! u sound mildly excited about it.. :P


I’m glad somebody always catches my slip ups. I guess that’s what I get for literally never writing a script 😂

A watch that durable… $800 sir, give me your money!

I’m overwhelmed with joy to be able to make something like this happen. The days of having $20 or less to my name are finally over.

😂😜 its all good. thats the cool funny part.. the real u, not some cheesy lines..

when i think most hard, rugged watch.. i think of G-shock.. and about $100 is the most I would pay for it too.. buy a used one on ebay! :P

yes, u da man! gives me hope of online income! (c'mon and moon already crypto!!) :P

I got my current Apple Watch as a Christmas gift either in 2018 or 19. I can’t remember. I refused to buy one up until that point due to it feeling unneeded and overpriced. However now that I have it, I love it.

💪😉 nice! i think they are real cool for sure.. just cost too much. I like those suunto ones?


but nah.. not paying that. maybe it would make a great gift! when I reach dolphin, maybe i'll get one.. :P

I'm still rocking my iPhone 7 man! :D Can't fuck with that! I did get an iPhone 12 for a work phone and damn the thing is nice! I don't need to buy one yet though as my current personal phone is doing a decent enough job and still takes pretty good pictures. The data in it is filling up a lot faster than I would like but that's what happens sadly. I have to keep cleaning out the photos and videos so that it gives me room for more lol

I had a 6 Plus for a really long time before my XS. Anybody who is able to hold off on upgrading has some serious self-control, I know how difficult it can be. Another thing to do besides having to delete photos and videos is to upgrade your iCloud space have set the phone to automatically store larger files on iCloud when you haven't used them in awhile. That's how I save space at least.

It's great seeing purchases using Hive! It seems like it's a good thing for drawing in new Hivers, seeing real life uses. For me, I have used some Hive to manouver around some difficult times, but have yet to buy anything fun lol. Sweet phone and I love the camera specs!

Hive has given me the opportunity to finally start living my life again. I buy pretty much everything from food to fancy tech like the iPhone 14 Pro Max with my hard earned HIVE.

Using hive/btc to pay, that is to say hive is getting more recognition, nice one there, am happy for you

I feel like I wasn't the only person to purchase one of these new phones with crypto. Although, maybe the only person to use HIVE.

Incredible…i just want to grow in this world of Hive to have the oportunity of living from here, help The community, invest in crypto assets and also buy things which can help my post get better

It is a real possibility. I often doubted that it would ever happen, but deep down I kept believing I stood a chance. Just stay with it and you can succeed in a big way.


Sweet phone! Nice choice of color too. Good luck with it, I hope you keep us posted as you use it and let us know what you think.

Thanks dude! I'm seriously psyched about this. I will definitely update once I get this thing.

Cool bro, congrats on your new update, don't think I've forgotten about the drawing, it takes time, I've been giving it a little at a time to make it look great.

I bought a Bison x10 Umidigi and it's pretty good, water resistant, I really like my phone a lot, cheers.

I know you haven't forgotten. I wasn't expecting you to be finished in 24. It could take you 24 DAYS and I would still be thrilled that you even took the time to draw me.

Dude, I can't watch the whole video because of my slow internet connection, but I can see your excitement on your face. And I'm excited for you too! After all, this is the newest iPhone model and I don't know why, iPhone has always attracted me more. iPhone 14 Pro Max looks really cool. I'm already looking forward to the content you're going to produce with it! I hope you'll do an unboxing post when it arrives.
As you know, I've been thinking about buying a phone for myself lately. I went to the stores a bit and saw that the iPhone went up 2 days ago. That made me quite sad. I was thinking about buying an iPhone 11 but I'm hesitating now. I think I will write an article about it when I decide and buy it.

That’s a bummer, I understand though. If you’re interested, I also have a YouTube version and you can lower the resolution there. I don’t know, maybe that’ll still require too much data.

I probably won’t do an unboxing video since there isn’t anything in the box besides the phone really. Funny that they don’t even give you a charger anymore. Had to pay $129 extra just for a MagSafe charger 🫠 I will definitely do a review type video once I get my hands on it and will of course be using it as my main device for content creation.

The iPhone went up in price in your area? It has stayed the same here and some have even dropped in price such as the iPhone 13.

In Turkey you can't know what is going to happen to prices. It was 15000 Turkish liras and now 16500 Turkish liras. It increased a lot. I don't know what to do about it.

I'm looking forward to your next posts with iphone 14

The iphone 14 looks cool. I haven't used an iphone before but I sure hope to do in the nearest future. Must feel so cool to have made the purchase with your Hive. Making purchases from internet money seems so awesome

I hope you get an iPhone sometime in the near future, they are awesome devices. I'm always happy when HIVE translates into physical things.

if it is to improve with those other functions and they serve you, it is a good purchase

This is how I justify spending so much on this.

It's great that you can buy a new phone, it also brings good updates and innovations and the best thing is that you can pay with BTC/HIVE

I’ve been holding off for a few years. I’ve always wanted a Pro iPhone model, mainly for the upgraded cameras. My dream is finally coming true.

what a good friend and continue to fulfill your dreams

You are the lucky one to get the IPhone 14, because some people can only hope and can't have it, like me right now.😁😁

I 100% agree with you. To be able to get something like this the day that it releases is truly a blessing.

I am super excited for you. I am also planning to upgrade my phone to iPhone 11 pro max though in the coming months. Currently using Redmi note 10 pro but at times I am a bit confused which one to go for between iPhone 11 or iPhone xs mas or probably iPhone 11 pro

Any Pro iPhone is a great device. So I’d go for whatever Pro is cheapest. Switching over to Apple products will be a great choice!

Wow it is really nice and using hive/BTC also is awesome in buying it.

It is awesome that this magic internet money translates into real-life things.

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