How to turn any sound into a ringtone on iPhone/iPad for FREE using Garageband

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Create your own custom sounds 🔔

Today I am going to teach you how to do something cool with your iPhone or iPad. It is a simple process, but it will allow you to customize your device in a new way.

In this video, you will learn how you can turn any sound file into a ringtone using a free app called Garageband.

I will show you how to download a sound file from SoundCloud and then locate the file in the Files app to import it into Garageband. Then we will edit the sound and export it into your iPhone/iPad's ringtone library for use.

Any sound file will work. If you already have your own file of choice, you can skip downloading one from SoundCloud.

Many Apple users have no idea that it is this easy to create custom ringtones for free. Most go without having unique sounds and some are still paying for ringtones on the iTunes Store.

After watching my video today, you will never have to pay for a ringtone again and can finally move on from Marimba and Chime sounds that most iPhones and iPads use.

Important links 📲

Download Garageband on the App Store:

Search for your favorite sounds:

Download any individual song from SoundCloud for free:

Thanks for watching 👀

If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to comment and let me know. I am happy to help with any of this, but you really shouldn't have many problems. I kept this tutorial short and simple so that you should be able to create a custom ringtone in under 10 minutes quite easily.

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Awesome. I didn’t know how to set a customized ringtone on my iPhone But now i have the answer.
I wish I had more followers and more people used HIVE to see this trick.

The good thing is, this video will always be here on the blockchain for anybody in the future who wishes to learn how to create their own custom ringtones for free.

Awesome! very cool stuff!

I just use songs that fit whatever or whoever.. like i have our favorite love song for my wife's ringtone, a classical song for my dad who always listens to that, and some good rap for my mom.. because she HATES that music, but it reminds me of her.. :P


That's awesome! Having a different song for every person is such a cool thing to do. You don't even have to look at the phone and you'll know exactly who it is.

Damn dude this was awesome! Thanks for that. I'm totally bookmarking this for future reference! There's always a way to do these things for free. They just charge for the convenience and most people will just pay it sadly! Not you or I though that's for sure hahaha

I have known this for ages, but haven't made a new one in years. Once I did, I realized there are probably so many people that have zero clue this is possible. In comes tutorial and now here we are. Hopefully, you can make some cool shit thanks to this.

Thank you for this tutorial bro, Apple it’s really jealous about customization. But always we can find a solution, and this is a good one, I wanted to change my ringtone for the Imperial March of Starwars 😅

Now you have the exact instructions needed to outmaneuver Apple’s anti-customization tactics.

I definitely didn't know this was possible. I bought my last ringtone from iTunes. If I had known I wouldn't have purchased that ringtone. Thanks for sharing.

Most people have no clue. Apple doesn't publicize it, even though you are able to do it with one of their apps Garageband. Literally, nobody should be paying for ringtones still.

This feature is so cool, man. You can use anything you want while I can only do Marimba and stuff like that on my iPhone 6. It's really cool. I'm really curious to see what other features it has, so I'm looking forward to your next post.

You should be able to do this just fine even with an iPhone 6. Makes me wonder what theme song you'd go with for your ringtone. I'm using the theme song from The White Lotus. It's low-key FIRE!

Learn something from you, thanks for sharing this.

Glad this was news to you and hopefully you can take advantage of this now.

This is absolutely awesome. No more iTunes for ringtones. Let me go and try it out already

Hope it’s as easy for you as it is for me. Now you can be spoiled with unlimited tones to choose from.

This is really nice to know and am excited to know about it.

Better get to creating your first free ringtone now.

customizing our ringtones and messages to what we like would be great.

I think everyone can agree that it is enjoyable to personalize our devices.

It is excellent to put personalized music on our mobile to differentiate ourselves

Exactly! I like expressing my interests and standing out. This is the perfect way to do it.

the truth is that it is a great way to stand out from the rest and also with what we like

This will really be valuable tutorial for iPhone users. Thanks for sharing

Now everyone’s phones can sound unique.

The steps and process is kind of long lol but it easy to learn and thanks for sharing.

It can be done pretty quickly. After you've done it once, every instance after that will be even quicker.

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