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So this post is basically intended to be a life time guide to newbies. I had to have a long thinking over how to make tutorial for newbies very much easy and also to make things easier for me.

Over time, i discovered that i have to continue to explain some basics about hive to my mentees over and over again.

The thought of recording the class session simply will make things much more easier for me and i would not have to repeat the major things required.

This video is just a simple introduction to hive, what it is all about and the major things they need to know to start up.

This video will act as a reference point and new batch and set of prospective users will only just have to listen to it for a better understanding.

More videos of the class session will be uploaded.

The content here might not be an indepth expository but it sure explains the basics needed to start up. The contents are purely basics.

Not so perfect with video editing, this is actually the very first video from my zoom meeting i will be giving a shot at. I believe with time, perfection will be a sure thing.

Sure there are areas that might need correction and possibly further clarification and modification, pls leave them as a comment. It will add meaningfully to the post.


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This will really help me alot..

I am happy it will help.
Welcome to hive

Thank you so kuchen

i love this... great efforts from a wonderful mentor

Thanks dear my wonderful mentee who has so far mastered the art of writing quality post.
Highly impressive

Thanks once again