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RE: Аз разбирам!Аз съм сългасен!Можем да!

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I may not understand your language but it seems like you are getting a lot of people onto hive at the moment!
Thats amazing!


Thank you man ;)
I’m focused on spreading awareness in my own language no point of even trying in English ;)
If you can’t convince your own people what’s left for someone that even don’t speak the same language at first ;)

I totally get it! No worries! :D

I have just been seeing different new posts from people you have invited to hive :D
So I sent you 5 sbi as a thanks :D

Thank you man appreciated!
I’m also gonna be looking for some Hive power delegation if you know people that my be interested in supporting me of growing our community will be awesome..
I’m Hanna try to make a round of funding very soon, so I can support the new comers.
But I’m still waiting to get at lest few more people like at least 30-40 then I’m gonna give it try ;)

You can apply at @giftgiver's homepage here - For small delegations, to get started. Not sure what it checks tho xD

Thank you man I appreciate your help I’ll check it on ;)