Two Of The Best OLED TV 65 inches 4K UHD

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Let me present to you the two best OLED TV models in the market. These televisions present great picture quality, astounding sound quality, and latest technology. Both of these TV models provide Smart TV technology to enjoy steaming movies, tv shows and great series.

OLED TVs bring great picture quality, beautiful color and better contrast. The new Artificial Intelligence possessed by these television makes your viewing experience very enjoyable. Sony is using X1 Ultimate processor for the best picture quality, higher motion rate up to 120hz and High Dynamic Range. While, LG is using alpha9 Gen3 processor that makes their OLED TV the best. The enhance picture quality, wide viewing angle, artificial intelligence and self-lit pixels made LG OLED TV the #1 OLED TV in the world.

Please watch the full video to appreciate the beauty of these OLED TVs. This video is also posted in my youtube channel AppliancePH.

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