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Humanity is undergoing Borg assimilation. If you want to be involved in solving the situation then you must first completely face and accept the direness of our situation.

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I appreciate your perspective you share from the wilderness. As it may be difficult for us all, but more so for folks isolated from society, I hope you have found the allies you need for you security in the coming difficulties we will surely face.


The bluetooth in the vaxx is for tracking us like bells on a cow.

The Borg are the parasite hosts of Vrill that whistleblower Donald Marshall told us about.


I hope that video ain't true, but it probably is...

If you're referring to Don's interview, everything he said is 100% true. There's no need to fear tho, humanity is going to win.

#BuckleUp #HumanityIsRising #KingdomOfLight

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