Benefits of Sunlight

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Exposure to Sunlight is the most broadly effective thing you can do to enhance your health, energy and mood.


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love, love, love me some sun-gazing! …been doing it off-and-on for many sets of four-Seasons to varying degrees and duration and during all different times of day. started out while living near the eastern coast on northern Florida country, where i would go to the beach, pre-dawn, and ground myself barefooted into the coastal sand and gradually, daily increasing the duration in 10 seconds intervals.

most recently, while on the western coastline of Costa Rica… i would sun-gaze for minutes on end, while doing ionic detoxification foot-bathing, walking (mostly backwards) within the rolling shoreline surf, facing the sun and eating it up! 😋 👅 🤤

Life vibrates with every photon of light that passes through our tissues, without sunlight and all its energy, the life of any organism would be impossible, in my case I love the whole process of light interception that plants have.