The Heart of Natural Law

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We can know Natural Law is in effect through direct experimentation in our own lives. Many understand and teach the various mechanics through which it manifests, but the most fundamental reason for its existence is rarely mentioned.


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What you said makes sense to me.

FWIW: My view is that we (as sentient beings) are one way in which the Universe has become sentient and so experiences itself. We are not apart from the Universe. We are a part of the Universe. There is nothing unnatural about anything that we do as a living species expressing our nature however, the consequences of our personal actions are both our personal responsibility and (as you point out) essentially done to ourselves.

As an aside: There's an interesting question that comes from two assumptions.

  1. The essential nature of Life is to live; living things avoid death.
  2. The laws of thermodynamics are correct.

Given one and two, the Universe (as a living, sentient system) has become aware of its own mortality. Does the Universe want to die?

I think universe seeks novelty, so it does seek death for the stale.