Happy World Prematurity Day; Keep Mothers and babies alive together.

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Today is world prematurity day and it is themed keep mother's and babies alive together.

Prematurity is a term used to describe babies born before 37weeks of gestation.

Being born prematurely comes with a lot of complications which include overwhelming infections, neonatal jaundice, respiratory distress, hypothermia(abnormally low temperature).
Despite these complications, a lot of them survive if they are properly managed and even go on to be healthier.

Hence, the need for the celebration.

At the university college hospital, we decided to celebrate this day to educate and acknowledge mothers. So I did the footage of everything and decided to make a collection of it

KMC(kangaroo mother care), breastfeeding, hand washing and prevention of infections are key in the survival of these young babies.

So like I mentioned earlier, I have been learning video editing since the last video I posted.

So I decided to try my hands with the pictures and video clips I took.

I hope you guys enjoy it.

For those of you asking where I am, I was with the camera most of the time.

I am the guy with the black short sleeve and carton coloured trousers.

Thank you for watching.

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