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One hot summer day back then in 2019, while wandering through the pine forest, I came across two snails on the bark of the same tree.


The encounter happened fairly early in the morning, so despite the temperature already being pretty high, there was still humidity in the shade under the old pines.


That's why this snail activity isn't surprising at all.


One of them, the Helicella itala from the Geomitridae family was hidden and sealed inside its shell, so I took only one photograph ...


... but the other one, this Pomatias elegans from the Pomatiidae family ...


... was slowly crawling to one of the crevices of the bark, so I took a series of shots that a couple of years later, ended up forming this GIF.
These interesting snails look more like coastal sea snails than the usual terrestrial species. The Pomatiidae family is actually a lineage closely related to the Littorinidae (periwinkles) common in coastal habitats. They have adapted to terrestrial life and are sometimes called "Land winkles".

Looking at fossils and different contemporary groups of terrestrial snails, many signs point towards the idea that the transition from the sea to dry land took place several times in the evolutionary history of these mollusks. Even today, some Pomatiidae still live in the upper parts of the intertidal zone as terrestrial animals directly exposed to salty water, very close to their marine relatives. These modern species are not the ones that have performed the transition on land millions of years ago, but a look at them and their lifestyle & habitat can give an idea of how the change could have happened.




I really like snails a lot. They're my favorite bug like creature. In Europe they're a lot bigger than the ones back home in Canada - probably 3x bigger or more. The ones you found are really cool looking. I like the gifs! Nice ones.

Thanks. Didn't know that the European ones are bigger. There is a nice variety of species here. In the tropics, the variety is surely bigger and quite spectacular, judging from what I saw here on HIVE from people who live in those parts of the globe.

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I really love video games where you go for an deep sea adventuring.
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Thank you 🙂Glad you like the post.

Creating a GIF of snail in movement must have taken quite of patience. Cool post, @borjan.

It only looks like something complicated🙂but to create that kind of GIF is actually easy.

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Looking at the fossils and various groups of contemporary land snails, many signs point to the idea that the transition from sea to dry land occurred several times in the evolutionary history of these mollusks.

I agree with you, because as you said, this snail's basic habitat is coastal, unlike the snails in my area which have a softer shell shape, you take very good pictures

Beautiful snails photos, Australia has largest types about length of 70 cm, if you like eating small snails with spices North Africa is the best destination 👍

this snail looks so pretty and cool and i really like it.

What a amazing snail with a different shell from the common one have ever see before...

my boss animal can be eaten or not and how can the picture move

Wow it is really nice with the capturing, awesome work

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