The belief in that red fabric and bangles

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Protect us from all the mishap



Dussehra or Vijayadashmi, is the biggest festival in our culture, which starts with the Navaratri, about which I posted earlier. On the occasion of Dussehra, we also worship the vehicle, once in a year with the belief that the goddess protects us from any mishap. Some people do the vehicle worship (puja) at the temple, and some at home. The vehicle is given a proper wash, before that. Even those, who never wash their vehicle, do this a least once a year. And then a puja is made, in which, along with all the offerings, couple of red bangles (sankha - ଶଙ୍ଖା) are tied with a red fabric. A white colored shining shell (Kaudi - କଉଡ଼ି) , a betelnut ( gua - ଗୁଆ ) is also given inside the fabric. And then this is worshiped and tied to the vehicle at an appropriate place. A coconut is broken as part of the puja and the coconut water is put on these vehicles as the holy water. Even though, I was very busy with all the work, I had to get this done, as this is a very important puja and has significant impression on us throughout the year. We believe, the goddess saves us and the vehicle always runs in her command.

If you do not know, then these items - bangles , Kaudi , betel nut are all considered very important significance in several of our occasions. Women wear these bangles after marriage, and its considered as the protection for the husband. It's taken out only when the husband dies (when she becomes a widow). Pure conch shell red bangles are always a desire of every married woman. Kaudi , the white colored shining shell is being used from ancient ages and was once used as currency (Shell money) until 1805. It's believed, it brings wealth and prosperity. There is a special game played with Kaudi in the marriage - whoever wins can demand anything to the other party ( just as a custom and fun). Betel nut is considered as a symbol of determination or commitment and also an auspicious symbols of hospitality. So much value in each of these inspires us to have faith and trust in the divine power.















A very small twist to the steering can decide our fate, isn't it ? And the belief that the goddess is with us and will protect us, matters a lot for that reason. And there are some live examples - recently one of my friend's father had an heart attack while he was driving on the national highway. Though his hands severed, when he was on a over-bridge, he was able to manage stop it with the car hitting the over bridge barricade in its side and then raise hands, after which people rescued him and called my friend. He is doing fine now , but these incidences are miracles that do happen.

Also to stop any evil desire, a lemon is crushed under the tire with a belief that, the lemon juice serves as blood and the goddess will be happy with that.




Apart from all these values, some people do decorate their vehicle as well. I saw one such vehicle as above, where two small banana trees are also tied to the car. Two banana trees are symbol of prosperity and are tied in our home / organizations during any puja or functions like marriages. All these beliefs are part of our great culture and makes us what we are - love and respect for humanity.


Hi sir!
These traditions are new to me 😄
I wonder how traditions varies from place to place.
I feel grateful to live in this amazing country that is so full of diversity in everything 😊

Thank you for sharing this beautiful tradition here. First pic of Swastik is just awesome. It looks beautiful, and bring peace to the mind.
Thank you!
May Goddess bless all!

So you even have a festival / tradition for cars and bikes, wow :) Cheers and safe drives!

Never ending festivals throughout year.

You guys like to celebrate and have fun, that´s for sure and I like this approach :)

This is actually my First time of getting to know about this tradition and believe. Feels good to learn about your culture as well.

I think everyone is free to worship what they feel is right to them. Thanks to hive blockchain which gave us the opportunity to learn one or two thing with and beyond everyday.

we also worship the vehicle, once in a year with the belief that the goddess protects us from any mishap. Some people do the vehicle worship (puja) at the temple, and some at home. The vehicle is given a proper wash, before that.

This is the first time I hear about this traditon. I have faith in God, but nowadays I do not have any religion, although I was raised in Christianity. I even have the Bible (in Hungarian), which says something like do not worship anything except God.

But even without the Bible, worshipping vehicles still sounds a little bit weird and even surprising. I really did not heard anyone worshipping vehicles. But of course I respect everyone's culture and tradition.

Hopefully the Goddess protects you from any mishap.

I wish you all the best. Greetings from Hungary.

Some people even think, they don't need an insurance 😀 though, they don't know, it's meant for others - that is the kind of faith some have. Its all based on our belief and culture - which we have learnt based on how we are brought up.

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Happy Holidays God bless you with your family

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Belief in the mind is the greatest thing. I have some Hindu friends who celebrate this day with great joy. Hopefully car worship will save you from any accidents. And at the same time everyone will be saved from the accident. Many people die in accidents every year.

Organizing such worship seemed really new to me. However, I have heard the name of Dashma or Vijaya Puja from them because they are Hindus in the neighboring villages or because they are my friends. Nice to hear from you today. Because I have learned something new. Thanks

On the occasion of the festival, you decorated the car in a wonderful way and had a good year of worshiping it. You are safe from all kinds of accidents.

The festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm because whatever community you belong to, if you do not observe your customs, your identity will be lost.

The color red is very attractive anytime anywhere. It also carries some spiritual implications that when applied can give positive impact. Thanks for sharing.

May lord Shree Ram protect you and your family from all the mishaps.

Hi sir, Nice to see the religious tradition you are following, we also start any new work with lemon and green Chilli. Thanks for sharing it

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The rituals and religion of our country is amazing we are very honoured that we are a part of India where we respect each and every one's culture and religion and celebrate it with full of joy and happiness.....
And it's amazing to be a part of your blog about the tradition where you describe each and every thing in a very simple and understandable way @sanjeevm