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As the years go by, there are series of inventions going on to make international connections easier globally. These inventions has in one way of the other interconnected people from different backgrounds, cultures, countries, tribes, religion and so much more. Taking my country Nigeria as a case study, it is great to say that the impact of globalization has brought about civilization in recent years which has improved the economy and strengthened international connections.

Talking about globalization in my country simply suggests that it has fostered modernization in our contemporary society. Globalization in terms of gadgets, technology, modern facilities, importation and exportation, communications, banking sector, and so on.

In the olden days, our forefathers had to survive on natural elements, natural habitats, natural vegetables void of fertilizer, natural foods, and so on, even though I agree that things were used naturally and void of harmful elements, it would not have been an easy feat in a year like 2023. For instance, imagine a married woman who is a banker with kids having to wake up in the morning and make fire by gathering woods together, what time would she have to take care of the kids before school and also go to work. It is stressful. But with the invention of technology like gas cookers, rice cooker and so on, it is much easier to cope with day to day activities.

Globalization has affected my country positively and It has also made me grow positively and globally.

  • TECHNOLOGY :One aspect of globalization that has drawn humans to it is the invention of technology. In many areas technology has proven to be effective in connecting the world. For instance, considering the recent naira scarcity in my country, I think Nigerians has appreciated the mobile banking internet even more. We got to transfer monies and carry out transactions seamlessly via pos, atm and internet banking. We were able to make transfers, pay for good and service with credit cards, buy data and airtime and so much more.
    Another aspect of technology that has been helpful in globalization is the idea of laptops and mobile phones. During the covid period when the lock down was effective, we were unable to go to school, see friends and family both locally and internationally but all these were covered through the use of the internet, we were able to Skype with loved ones, we were able to receive lectures via zoom, Emails were used to send important documents, whatsapp groups were created to communicate. I even remember one of my colleagues defending her thesis virtually via the zoom app. We afforded us to be educationally equipped by partaking in available online courses which were mostly free at that time because of the situation.

    Have you ever been stranded that you can't find a particular brand you so desperately need in your country? Thanks to globalization, we can buy anything from anywhere in the world and it will be shipped to you. Ordering on aliexpress and Amazon has been somewhat easy when you pay the shipping fees. At some point, I have had to get a projector from an international online and through DHL it was delivered to my doorstep.

  • VOICE: I know that doesn't sound right but thinking about globalization, it has given us voice internationally and even globally. For instance, on YouTube, content creators are everywhere create content that is being watched worldwide. It has given a voice to people who had thought their dreams and aspirations would be relegated to the background, who thought they would not be internationally recognized for their crafts. Musicians have explored social media to showcase their talent which got them recognized internationally even models.
    Even on hive, it has afforded us to blog about anything that is visible on the internet and we get to earn in stablecoins pegged at $1.

In all, globalization has been a positive experience for people even though it has its negative side but that's not the topic for today.

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We can always make a case for or against anything in this life and the same goes for globalisation. It has its ups and downs but as far as I can tell, the positives overrides the negatives. That's really all that matters.

Globalisation has come and what we will be experiencing from now on will be a rapid advancement of technology.

Your input is very true, globalization has more advantages than has also impact the nation at large. Thank you
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Taking Nigeria as an example, it is safe to say that globalization has birthed growth and that's a good thing

I cannot imagine waking up very early to start making fire wood for cooking breakfast...that will be a whole lots of stress and wasting of my precious time. I can't also imagine sending letter through post office which will take days before passing an urgent vital information ...the list are much
Nigeria as a country is growing drastically with globalization and I can't deny the fact that it has negative effects but the positive effects so far is massive

Yeah so true, the advantage is more than the disadvantage... Thanks for your input

The pleasure is mine 👍

I specially love that last point you shared, Globalization has given us voice and we're making a great use of this opportunity. I saw a movie where everything was shared through letters, I can imagine how slow and crude that must have been for people of those days.

It's a good thing that Globalization has come to stay and it keeps evolving and making our lives even more better as time goes on.

Good points shared, all the best 🙂

Thank you

These all shows that globalization has been of much benefits to man than it's side effects.

Yeah, so true

True, connecting with the outside world has reduced stress in the life's of people's, just as you said in that of a married woman, cooking with a firewood and also taking kids to school would make her late to go to her work.

Well for me I choose to see only the good side of globalization because it was invented to make life not the other way, it only those who chose to use it the negative the way. Globalization has changed life and has make the world a better place to live.