[Share n burn] Today's coronavirus (COVID-19) links - April 8, 2020

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In no particular order, here are today's links from my RSS feed. Please consider clicking through to upvote any Steem post(s) on the list.

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As mentioned in previous posts, here is a visualization tool for mapping the cases of COVID-19 occurrences.

According to the site, this morning's worldwide number of reported cases was 1,447,466 with 308,215 recoveries, 83,471 fatalities, and 399,929 cases in the US.

Of the US cases, the site reports 22,539 recoveries, 12,911 deaths, and 14,956 cases in Pennsylvania.

  1. Steem @annamarina: The situation in Spain because of the coronavirus

  2. Steem @meepins: US COVID Update (08-04-2020)

  3. Steem @rt-international: After the lockdown | Inside Wuhan as strict restrictions are lifted

  4. How health workers are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic | Esther Choo

  5. Clever Cryptography Could Protect Privacy in Covid-19 Contact-Tracing Apps - Subtitle: Researchers are racing to achieve the benefits of location-tracking without the surveillance.

  6. Jack Dorsey's $1 billion commitment to tackling the coronavirus outbreak has impressed fellow billionaires and tech execs

  7. Top hospitals are experimenting with new blood tests that can tell if you've ever had the coronavirus. The tech could help send sidelined healthcare workers back to work and let people out of their homes.

  8. Coronavirus is a make-or-break test for the payments industry. Here are the 10 things that will define the new normal.

  9. Crucial Facts About COVID-19: Transmissibility, Death Rates, and Raw Numbers - Subtitle: While COVID-19 cases and deaths continue to surge, the upshot is that the number of people who are actively infected and contagious is far lower than the total of reported and undiagnosed cases.

  10. We Need a Covid-19 Vaccine—Let’s Get It Right the First Time - The flu shot campaigns of 1976 and 2009 offer key lessons for how (and how not) to distribute, monitor and communicate about vaccines. But will anyone listen?

  11. Coronavirus Death Predictions Bring New Meaning to Hysteria

  12. The nation's top ad agencies are calling on advertisers to support news outlets as publishers struggle to monetize their coronavirus content

  13. Blood plasma taken from covid-19 survivors might help patients fight it off - Subtitle: A small study from China suggests transfusions of blood from those who have beaten the disease could help buy time for new victims

  14. To Beat Covid-19, Scientists Try to 'See' the Invisible Enemy

  15. Are Smokers or Vapers More at Risk for COVID-19? Here's What We know

  16. More On Coronavirus Model Accuracy

  17. Jefferson Health deploys bots to help ease the burden during COVID-19 pandemic

  18. Malaysia to get quicker access to COVID-19 test results

  19. Amazon confirms 2 more cases of coronavirus at a facility in Delaware

  20. Three graphs that show a global slowdown in COVID-19 deaths

  21. Coronavirus hits men harder. Here's what scientists know about it - Subtitle: The early evidence leaves little doubt that Covid-19 poses a greater risk to men – but are the reasons biological or cultural?

  22. Unprecedented Blood Studies Seek to Track U.S. Coronavirus

  23. Coronavirus Misinformation Its Own Deadly Condition (Podcast)

  24. Netflix in the age of COVID-19: Streaming pioneer may have new edge on competition - Subtitle: Netflix has plenty of original content on the service and in the pipeline amid a dearth of live sports, while new rivals could face production delays

  25. Coronavirus is hitting black Americans hardest, White House says

  26. Almost all of San Francisco's public transit will be shut down as the city continues to fight the coronavirus disease

  27. COVID-19 isn’t stopping digital currency processors from making a living

  28. Jack Dorsey Donates 28% of His Wealth to Global COVID-19 Relief

  29. Coronavirus stock-market volatility is creating the largest daily price swings since 1929 crash - Subtitle: S&P 500 index sees average daily price change of up or down 4.8% over last 5 weeks: Bespoke

  30. Is the Coronavirus Crisis Going to Have a Long-Term Impact on Kids?

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