[Share n burn] Today's coronavirus (COVID-19) links - April 4, 2020

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In no particular order, here are today's links from my RSS feed. Please consider clicking through to upvote any Steem post(s) on the list.

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As mentioned in previous posts, here is a visualization tool for mapping the cases of COVID-19 occurrences.

According to the site, this morning's worldwide number of reported cases was 1,139,207 with 233,807 recoveries, 60,874 deaths, and 278,537 cases in the US.

Of the cases in the US, there have been 9,920 reported recoveries, 7,163 deaths, and there are 8,570 cases reported in my state, Pennsylvania (102 fatalities, 0 recoveries).

  1. Steem @whatsup: COVID-19 Diaries.

  2. Steem @mauromar: Nanotechnology to fight coronavirus

  3. Steem @rt-international: US snatches masks from Germany in act of ‘modern piracy’ – Berlin senator

  4. Security News This Week: A Notorious Spyware Vendor Wants to Track Coronavirus Spread

  5. Medical Students Can Give Vital Help in the COVID-19 Crisis - Subtitle: They’re not full-fledged physicians, but they’ve been learning important skills that can take the pressure off credentialed M.D.s

  6. Blockchain Provides Trusted Data to Counter Spread of Coronavirus

  7. People across the UK are apparently burning cellphone masts and abusing engineers on the street over baseless conspiracy theories linking the coronavirus to 5G networks

  8. Japan Is Racing to Test a Drug to Treat Covid-19 - Subtitle: Based on a compound discovered in 1998, the antiviral Favipiravir is already being used in Japan and Turkey. Its maker? A subsidiary of Fujifilm.

  9. Lost your job-based health insurance during the coronavirus pandemic? Here’s how to get coverage before time runs out

  10. How sewage could reveal true scale of coronavirus outbreak - Subtitle: Wastewater testing could also be used as an early-warning sign if the virus returns.

  11. What the coronavirus does to your body that makes it so deadly

  12. Bitfury donates its powerful computers to COVID-19 research

  13. The CDC now says all Americans should wear masks — here’s a simple DIY approach and meet the hospital cleaner on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic

  14. Google rolls back Chrome privacy feature due to COVID-19 - Google disables SameSite cookie support to prevent any unforseen breakage to sites during the coronavirus outbreak.

  15. Trials of Plasma From Recovered Covid-19 Patients Have Begun

  16. San Francisco police have begun ticketing people who are violating the shelter-in-place order to contain the coronavirus

  17. COVID-19: The Need for Secure Labs--and Their Risks (Podcast)

  18. Amazon could buy a company like Slack or Zoom to replace its own unpopular chat app Chime and get in on the flood of coronavirus-related customers, analysts say

  19. Amazon could buy a company like Slack or Zoom to replace its own unpopular chat app Chime and get in on the flood of coronavirus-related customers, analysts say

  20. Zipline Wants to Bring Medical Drone Delivery to U.S. to Fight COVID-19

  21. Face masks for COVID-19: A deep dive into the data

  22. A top Google computer scientist says AI researchers are coming out in force to tackle the COVID-19 crisis, and it could finally usher in the era of AI-aided healthcare

  23. Coronavirus crisis is ‘way worse’ than the financial crisis for emerging economies, IMF’s Georgieva says - Subtitle: IMF chief says nearly $90 billion of capital has fled emerging economies,

  24. The Biggest Coronavirus Myths, Busted - Subtitle: No, drinking water won’t flush the virus out of your mouth. Here’s how to inoculate yourself against bad Covid-19 information.

  25. Why Social Media are Crucial for Frontline Physicians in the Fight Against COVID-19 - Subtitle: The disease spreads so fast and is so poorly understood that doctors and researchers are sharing their findings on Twitter and Facebook, not medical journals

  26. About 64% of coronavirus tests in California are pending in what is reportedly the worst backlog of tests in the country

  27. Ventilators Are No Panacea For Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients

  28. Radio Corona: making sense of all the information about coronavirus

  29. Coronavirus news: City (Philadelphia) recommends face coverings; Boeing suspends local operations

  30. Covid-19 Is Killing More Men Than Women—Here Are Some Theories - Subtitle: Scientists can’t say for certain why the current pandemic is discriminating by sex, but it likely comes down to biology, lifestyle, and behavior.

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