[Share n burn] Today's coronavirus (COVID-19) links - April 11, 2020

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In no particular order, here are today's links from my RSS feed. Please consider clicking through to upvote any Steem post(s) on the list.

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As mentioned in previous posts, here is a visualization tool for mapping the cases of COVID-19 occurrences.

According to the site, this morning's worldwide number of reported cases was 1,712,674 with 388,910 recoveries, 103,874 deaths, and 501,615 cases in the US.

Of the cases in the US, there have been 29,191 recoveries, 18,777 deaths, and 20,408 cases in Pennsylvania (449 deaths, no recoveries listed).

  1. Steem @rt-international: Apple & Google debut Bluetooth-based contact-tracing platform to combat Covid-19...and end privacy? - Opening: Apple and Google have unveiled an app – soon to be built into their mobile operating systems – that will trace users’ contacts to fight Covid-19. They insist it will be ‘opt-in’ and respect privacy, but we’ve heard that before.

  2. Steem @krnel: Ventilators Aren't Working? 80% of NYC Coronavirus Patients Die When Put on Ventilators

  3. Steem @meepins: Clearing up the COVID "Re-infection" rumors.

  4. The COVID-19 Crisis Is the Result of Decades of FDA Misrule - Subtitle: In order to overcome the coronavirus crisis and to be fully prepared for the next public health episode, America must rid itself of the bureaucracy that has slowly choked out the greatest medical industry in the world.

  5. Apple and Google detail bold and ambitious plan to track COVID-19 at scale - Subtitle: Teetering on a razor, Smartphone giants try to balance infection tracking and privacy.

  6. Consultants who try to help VCs salvage struggling startups say the coronavirus crisis has them 'on more conference calls than we probably ever have been'

  7. What Recovery From COVID-19 Looks Like

  8. Despite COVID-19 Scams, Crypto Fraudsters’ Incomes Fell 30% in March

  9. Coronavirus-Tracking Apps Take Different Approaches in Keeping People Safe

  10. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness: COVID-19 Shows We Can’t Have It All

  11. What Immunity to COVID-19 Really Means - Subtitle: The presence of antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus could provide some protection, but scientists need more data

  12. A food safety expert on why you’re unlikely to get the coronavirus from groceries or takeout - Subtitle: Food isn’t the problem, people are.

  13. No, You Did Not Get COVID-19 in the Fall of 2019

  14. Would-be coronavirus drugs are cheap to make

  15. Amazon says it's building a new lab to test its employees for COVID-19. But experts and employees wonder if that's a good thing.

  16. San Francisco's largest homeless shelter has been hit with a coronavirus outbreak, with 70 confirmed cases

  17. Verizon in the age of COVID-19: The simplest telecoms business could be the most secure - Subtitle: As competitors diversified into content production and delivery, Verizon has mostly stuck with wireless and broadband services that should be safe

  18. J&J in the age of COVID-19: A vaccine candidate is in the works, but medical devices are likely to take a hit this year - Subtitle: <>J&J investors will be paying close attention to what the company says about surgical volume, drug sales and its R&D operations

  19. CDC updates COVID-19 guidance for critical businesses (like Amazon) - Subtitle: Critical workers should be sent home immediately if they're sick, the CDC says, while special precautions should be taken after potential exposure.

  20. This machine-learning upstart trained software to snare online drug dealers. Now it's going after fake coronavirus test equipment peddlers - Subtitle: US govt-funded outfit hopes to kill off web quackery that puts us all at risk

  21. How Apple and Google Are Enabling Covid-19 Contact-Tracing - Subtitle: The tech giants have teamed up to use a Bluetooth-based framework to keep track of the spread of infections without compromising location privacy.

  22. The COVID-19 Data We Have May Not Be The Data We Need

  23. A New Web Tool Can Help You Figure Out if Those Symptoms Might Be COVID-19 - Subtitle: It’s not meant to diagnose, but it can flag signs and risk factors that indicate the possibility of serious disease

  24. Op-Ed: Treating people, not just diseases, during COVID-19

  25. Hydroxychloroquine trial for COVID-19 begins amid political debate - Subtitle: Researchers aim to get clinical data on unproven treatments Trump has promoted.

  26. San Francisco may spend $105 million to house its homeless population in 7,000 hotel rooms for 90 days in an effort to limit spread of the coronavirus

  27. But is the growth of the #CoronaVirus pandemic really exponential?

  28. The race to find a covid-19 drug in the blood of survivors - Subtitle: Scientists are scrambling to find powerful antibodies that can turn back the disease. But can they manufacture enough for everyone?

  29. How the world could change after the coronavirus pandemic | Fareed Zakaria (TED Connects)

  30. COVID-19 tests are going unused due to hospital IT challenges - Subtitle: Lab director: Hospitals are “astonishingly unprepared” to deal with academic labs.

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