[Share n burn] Today's coronavirus (COVID-19) links - April 10, 2020

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In no particular order, here are today's links from my RSS feed. Please consider clicking through to upvote any Steem post(s) on the list.

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Just for fun, here's an update to the graph with the US numbers that I've logged every day for this series. The numbers still seem to be tailing away from the exponential trend lines.

As mentioned in previous posts, here is a visualization tool for mapping the cases of COVID-19 occurrences.

According to the site, this morning's worldwide number of reported cases was 1,617,204 with 364,686 recoveries, 97,039 fatalities, and 466,299 cases in the US.

In the US, the site reports 26,522 recoveries, 16,686 deaths, and 18,633 cases in the state of Pennsylvania.

  1. Steem @rt-international: Doctors alarmed after some Covid-19 patients test positive after recovering

  2. Steem @rt-international: 1 in 10 Americans set to be unemployed & things will get even worse - former Fed insider

  3. Steem @jager567: Coronavirus situation in The Netherlands: an Intelligent Lockdown

  4. New study investigates California's possible herd immunity to COVID-19

  5. Why wear face masks in public? Here’s what the research shows

  6. Amazon is building a special lab to start testing its employees for the coronavirus

  7. Will Students Show Up? - Subtitle: Study shows potential impact of coronavirus on admissions and enrollment. The students don't like the instruction they are receiving.

  8. Launching Oracle’s COVID-19 Therapeutic App: The back story - Subtitle: Oracle’s APEX application development framework was an unsung hero in enabling a drug treatment reporting app to make it from design to full national rollout in the US in barely two weeks. Here’s how it happened.

  9. The Race to Develop a Coronavirus Vaccine - Subtitle: On this week's podcast, we talk with staff writer Megan Molteni about the efforts to eradicate the virus. We also discuss Covid-19 testing in the US.

  10. Coronavirus: 91 recovered patients test positive again

  11. How does COVID-19 kill? Uncertainty is hampering doctors’ ability to choose treatments - Subtitle: Doctors are reaching for drugs that dampen the immune response — but these also undermine the body’s own fight against the coronavirus.

  12. Another COVID Contender, N-Hydroxycytidine Looks Pretty Good. Especially If You're A Mouse - Subtitle: There's a new kid on the block in the frantic fight to get an effective antiviral into the hands of a terrified world. This one is called N-hydroxycytidine (NHC) and it's rather interesting. NHC is a potent inhibitor of coronavirus replication in cells, really easy to synthesize, and will protect you from the virus. If you're a mouse.

  13. Scientists Try To Figure Out If Summer Will Slow The Spread Of COVID-19 - Short answer: We still don't know.

  14. It’s difficult to grasp the projected deaths from Covid-19. Here’s how they compare to other causes of death

  15. Is Hydroxychloroquine Making Covid-19 Clinical Trials Harder? - Subtitle: Widespread use of unproven treatments like hydroxychloroquine could be muddying clinical trials of other interventions.

  16. The bar necessities: 5 ways to understand coronavirus graphs

  17. Crime plummets in NYC amid lockdown, but not as much in neighborhoods hit hardest by the coronavirus - Subtitle: Some poorer areas have seen increases in burglaries and auto thefts as New Yorkers follow orders to stay at home

  18. COVID-19 and Liberalism

  19. Army field hospital for Covid-19 surge leaves Seattle after 9 days. It never saw a patient

  20. Thousands of Coronavirus Tests Are Going Unused in U.S. Labs - Subtitle: The lack of a national strategy has stymied the efforts of academic labs that underwent huge efforts to retool for COVID-19 testing

  21. Blood tests show 14% of people are now immune to covid-19 in one town in Germany

  22. United just released aviation-themed Zoom video conference backgrounds for everyone who misses flying as the coronavirus lockdowns continue

  23. Powell expects ‘robust’ recovery once coronavirus is under control - Subtitle: Fed chairman vows to act aggressively until central bank confident the economy is ‘solidly on the road to recovery’

  24. This 3D-printed oxygen mask was designed to help with a lack of ventilators for coronavirus patients

  25. If the World Fails to Protect the Economy, COVID-19 will Damage Health Long into the Future - Subtitle: Economic crashes have dire consequences for public health, and we must prepare

  26. Pennsylvania hospitals are taking up to a $2 billion monthly hit from the coronavirus

  27. Counterpoint: MIT scientists translate coronavirus protein structure into music - Subtitle: "It tricks our ear in the same way the virus tricks our cells."

    Here is an embed:

  28. How Facebook and Google are helping the CDC forecast coronavirus

  29. How Coronavirus Fears Have Amplified a Baseless But Dangerous 5G Conspiracy Theory

  30. How remote work is changing CIO priorities amid the COVID-19 pandemic - Subtitle: A new survey from Adobe highlights the biggest priorities and challenges facing technology leaders and where they plan to invest in the future.

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