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It is unforgivable to ignore the drawings of a child, because this is an exceptional way to understand what he wants, what he is afraid of, what he dreams of.

An adult, taking a picture drawn by a child, can use it as a test of mental development, as a kind of communication, as a kind of studying children's emotionality.
Through creativity, children open the door to their inner world. Sensitive parents learn a lot about what pleases or saddens the child, carefully looking at his drawings.
Doctor of Psychology Rosalyn Davido deciphers for parents those symbols that are hidden in children's scribbles.

I've found this great book in our local library when we came there with my son to take new books for him.

It's a book from the reading hall so I coundn't take it home free, but I had much free time while my son was playing with other kids there, and the book wasn't very thick, so I had a chance to read it and...I liked it very much!

It captured my attention from the very first pages because they all were full of useful psychological info for parents.

At forst, the author explains the evolution of kids drawings, why and when kids draw everything they see and imagine in that very definite way. Nothing is occasional there! Any detail in a kid's drawing has its essential meaning and gives attentive parents much info about their inner world.

The book is structured as a series of practical examples, demonstrating how a particular symptom is embodied in a child in specific image patterns.

Children's drawings can really tell a lot not only about the state of the child himself, but also about the family situation in which he is. Children's drawing in a veiled form tells the specialist about what the parents consciously do not want to report. This helps the psychologist to quickly get to the problem and, accordingly, solve it faster. So when psychologists use this method, they definetely know its power.

But even if you're far from psychology, kids drawings really can help you understand your kid much, and this book will help you to do it!


I totally agree with you, you must be a very understanding mother from what I can see. Seeing through the child eyes is the best way to ensure growth, a lot of psychotic issues would have been solved from just understanding the child at a young age.

Understanding them helps you put them in the right track, which will ensure a better future, and a better society.

thank you! have you ever analyzed what you are drawing when you go deep inside in your thoughts?

It's a little bit unclear to me, I don't think it's quit easy for me to find out, I really think it will be noticed very soon by me as third parties have already seen it, thanks for your reply.