August Book Haul : Python Books

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Although these books are quite unusual, I decided to add some Technology books into my collection. I personally have a few collections especially when it comes to excel and cybersecurity. But this August, I will be focusing on learning Python with self-improvement books which is why I added a few python book collections that I can use to learn and exercise. These books are from Indonesian authors and one from an Indonesian tech prominent figure, Onno W. Purbo.

On my way to the bookstore, I was first browsing to see which book I could get and I ended up getting these 4 including Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.


So the first book I got is Programming and Hacking with Python by Wardana. The book intrigued me the most because it covers basic python but also its application to cryptography and even to creating a database. I am not sure how long I’ll be finishing the book since these books are mostly practical.


The second book I got is Python for Beginners. This is an entry level book from Jubilee enterprise that I will be starting first to understand how things work. I am not too much of a beginner but I just need to exercise and also recall all the things I learned.


The third one is a book called “Text mining” by Onno W Purbo which is a combination of data analysis with python. One of the examples is mapping twitter, and many other twitter applications examples. This is really fun and will help me to do what I am about to try with twitter.


The last one I got is Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. I am pretty sure if you are in the self-improvement niche, you will come across this book at some point in your life. I read this book digitally before but I finally have the soft cover and couldn’t wait to re-read the book in different languages.

These books should keep me occupied and it’s part of me trying to do an upskill. These days, I think knowing python really helps and I could also make/do some cool stuff with it. Also, I am very old-schooled when it comes to learning. I like to have paper that I can highlight and write notes on. Not that I can’t do that digitally but I just retain what I learned more through reading the physical copies than reading from the screen. It’s ironic since what I learn is programming :D


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Reading is for nerds

diz me



Muy bueno



There's good, bad and ugly in this world. 🤠🐮🕯😤Re-sharing this.


woooh that looks heavy. . .
I once printed out a HTML tutorial on website, but can't even understand a thing lol.

at some point I should starts to read again. To add a bit of my knowledge. hahaha

the text mining seems a good book to read to me.

hahaha right, honestly all this should be done digitally to see the result when testing but for some reason, I just want to get a book, a physical thing that I can check out now and then.

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What did you think of Rich Dad Poor Dad? I've never read it, but from what I hear from Robert he's pretty cliché, the type who's really good at selling and talking without revealing anything.

His story maybe a bit cliche and it's going to hard to relate to him because his upbringing is quite in the middle class. He went to school with wealthy people too and made friend with someone who has a father that run a business. His book is also meant to those who are already have some form of wealth and things going on with them. I personally read it just to see his perspective on cash flows but if you're looking for someone to start from 0, I don't think it's him.

Gotcha. I don't know much about him actually, just watched some interviews and it felt like he was 'almost revealing a secret' that actually led us to buying his book xDD As I said, he's an incredible sales person.

haha he is incredible sales person and in this book, there's no secret. It's just all common sense that we didn't get to be taught by our parents or even at schools. Okay, maybe you'd get these info if you take business or economy class but for common folks, that's not gonna be out there easily. So, that's what makes this book partly interesting.

I gotta read it. The list of books to read keeps on getting bigger and bigger though =/
Not sure if I'm lazy or just too bad at time management or to anxious to sit my butt on a sofa and read.

hahahaha it's every book lover's problem. That's why I really try to read a few books in a week but with a focus on doing 1 review a week every Monday.

No, problem is that I'm a book lover that reads no books \o\o\o
I'm so lazy to read that I know what some books talk about but never read them
so when a true book lover asks me a specific question regarding a book I'm like "errrrr yes"

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The last book was quite famous I guess.
I heard about that from my friends but honestly I haven't read it yet.

Some contents might be easiy found in internet now, but having and reading it from a Book still gives a different feeling.

Have a great weekend.

Yeah, a lot of his content on the book are readily available on websites. So,unless you are like me who likes to make notes and such, also having better memory retention from reading physical copies, it's not that worth it to get the book. What do you think about the book so far? do you agree with author? or can you relate to him?

As much as I wanted to buy books I can't since I am just staying in a house provided by the company. There would be no space.
Though before I used to buy books but only pocketbooks. Romance novels.
Now just reading in wattpadd or any reading apps

that's really unfortunate! I keep buying books each month because in the past, I wasn't able to 😅

Hahha yeah 😂, but maybe in the future I can have my own bookshelves in my home😂.

Have a great day

That's so cool that you're looking at learning something new from the books - if nothing else, it's always good to get into something different. I've found myself doing a lot more non-fiction recently. Is 'Poor Dad Rich Dad' worth the read? What would you say is the key lesson in it?

I am not sure if Poor Dad and Rich Dad worth the red. It depends if you are interested in entrepreneurship or not. Although overall, I do recommend it for those who want to know about cash flows and wanting to know if they can make more money with their current job. As the book layouts the difference between the poor dad vs rich dad. Also, the poor dad in the book isn't entirely poor, it's just described as someone who has wage, works daily, and works for money instead money working for them.

Morning macchiata; perhaps not my kind of book. I am not really the entrepreneurial type! I've just about finished a murder trial non-fiction; that's kept me glued to the page instead!

Murder trial is fun! also, perhaps you'd be interested in non-fiction like Epstein case? It's called Filthy Rich and pretty intriguing too.

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Wow, books that increase knowledge... I think Python will be very difficult for me if I try, because what I've learned is up to C++, and I think it's difficult hehe 🤣🤣

Actually Python is way easier than C++. I tried C++ and I find it very difficult whereas python is way easier and even with limited knowledge on programming, anyone can actually learn python. It's different story with C++ where you have to have a strong grasp of logic.

What a great set of books. I did a Python course a couple of years ago, now this post has jolted me back into relearning it mode!
Thanks for that and yes I am sure many people have read the last one. Not read it for ages and put on my list for the weekend!

Good luck re-learning python, I am pretty sure you'd pick it up fast. Have you ever tried Ruby? I am currently fascinated by it although now, I am focusing on Python before moving back diving into Ruby. Rich dad and poor dad is a good weekend read! Thanks for checking out too!

I have heard about Ruby, but as of yet, no I haven't tried it, perhaps if I get my Python sorted again then I shall dip my toes into Ruby, you make a good Ruby saleswoman!
Yeah I think most people should read Rich Dad Poor Dad, it is definitely one of my favourites in that genre:)
Enjoy your weekend.