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RE: OCD Community Boost Contest: The book that transformed me

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Knowledge is power. And the human brain's ability to search for answers to questions, both consciously and subconsciously, is truly the most miraculous attribute of human beings. It's all about asking the right questions. No matter what possible question you ask, your brain will think up possible answers. And not just one. As many as you want to find. Try it. I learned this early in life and it has served me well. The other little trick that most don't follow through on is to ask "one more question". When you think you've arrived at an answer, ask yourself one more question and see where that leads. It can be pretty crazy.

Anyway, personally I believe in Jesus Christ and the Father who created us. But God didn't give us minds to be wasted. They are there for a reason and searching for knowledge and answers is one of them.

Great post! It obviously made me think. lol


Your comment is very nice and accurate, like few others, Thank you very much for your words. Take care.