HIVE EXCLUSIVE: The Shrimp Farm 2.0 - We mint RLNFTs!

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The @cryptoradiofm stream keeps me motivated to have always new 24/7 stuff to stream. After @hivenberg's Meth Labor, we introduce PatLeBo's Shrimp Farm!

Nothing hatched here till now, after 20 hours - The excitement stays, and I really want to start minting those shrimps ;-) RLNFTs FTW!!

Stay tuned, and watch it live on @VIMM:

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Special Bonus in this Video: We find out what was first, Chicken or Egg - How simple... How dumb we were till here! Our children can save us, as long they're interested in such "analog" stuff ;-)

In this video: Thames and Kosmos - Fun Science: Saltwater Creatures

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