Welcome to digger land! Some shadows appear half way through the day, let the sun shine!

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Herre is our second video of building a new music studio. This time we were luck enough to get a digger! We had to use a digger to level out the ground where we are building the studio, hopefully the next stage will be to dig some holes to put the supports in to actually start the build. However we did a trial one yesterday and there were lots of comments about the shadows. So this time we have had a careful look at the shadows!
On the plus side though having a digger is fun and we let the kids have a go.....now we want to go to "Diggerland" which is like a digger theme park about an hour away so will probably take the kids in a few weeks!

The video

This was shot on time lapse using an Ipad. We then added it to hit film express did some colour correction and changing of the speed. We then used a green screen video to add a the Boys having a cup of tea!JUst over half way through the film you can see one of the builders get rid of a tree stump with a chainsaw!

The shadows

What I love about the shadows in this video is that thre are no shadows for the first half od the day. You can see when the sun comes out and the shadows appear. You can clearly see the shadows of the trees move with the time lapse the other shadow you can see if the trampoline which is currently on the garage roof. It is a video where you can clearly see the effect of the sun moving around the earth and bringing the shadows to life

My favourite part of the video is when the Boys are having their cup of tea. You have two very different timings going on. The Boys are slightly sped up on top of the timelapse which makes for a very interesting, if not twisted effect.

The Song

The song is the instrumental middle 8 of our new release with Ambrose Chappel "Do What I want". The funky sax and cool beat give the film some energy!

You can listen to it here:

(Unsupported https://open.spotify.com/embed/track/7FpOM5Iwrf6b1eFsdcs9aV?utm_source=generator)


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Very nice awesome time lapse 😍🤩 really makes the Shadow become alive. Love this!

Thanks very much, we are looking forward to doing more!

Pretty cool these time-lapse videos, keep em coming :)
Just curious, how long was the actual recorded time for this time-lapse?

5 hours then the battery on my ipad ran out....lol


Shadow Hunters Contest first ever video entry for the contest! I love it!
Thanks for entering the shadow contest 🌞

Oh that is cool! I thought video would be a thing...lol thanks for having us!

After the boring groundwork, it will be interesting to see the continuation of your work building up the music studio! Boys drinking tea gave an interesting twist to the video and I would never say that it was done in the studio!
Good luck with your work!

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Thank you for this, very excited!

Ey, these shadows are just great !LUV

cheers ma dear !PIZZA for breakfast for you


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That made a mess of the lawn. Are you keeping any grass?

The grass is all gone....mud it is! the rain has not helpped that is for sure!