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RE: The Re-Hive Contest - Results Week 36 & Start Week 37

in Shadow Hunters11 months ago

Test taking is a very legitimate reason for a delayed contest post. I was suspecting that was the reason we had not heard from you! I added a bit to my delegation to you as my Christmas gift to you! 🎄🤶🎄
Congrats to @thesobuz @tatdt and @amandaj🏆
The Re-hives and those ARCHON tokens make a pretty sweet Christmas gift!


Happy Christmas 🎄 Melinda xx
Hope you will have a nice evening with gifts 🎁 from Shanta ❤️❤️ thank you so much ☺️

Thanks, my friend! It is an odd Christmas this year, but even though my family is not here we have all tried to spread Christmas joy! 🎄❤️🎄

Some of my UK friends are havnig odd time as well & there has nothing to do :( I am sorry about it. My boss from Italy & she is unable to join her family & she had to celebrate in bankok. So different times these days.