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RE: The Re-Hive Contest - Results Week 41 & Start Week 42

in Shadow Hunters2 years ago

This is a huge reward to me as it is also my first time receiving such privilege. Thank you @melinda010100 for automatically nominating all winners of the shadow hunters contest. I'm really grateful for this. Congratulations to @elitogold @janaliana and @sandymeyer.
Thank you @taskmanager. Dhedge has been received!


I congratulate you from my heart @ faith65.
Thank you for your comment and my warmest congratulations. I am very happy to be active here and to be a part of Hive. I can hardly believe to receive such a privilege, it is a very great honor for me! I'm so happy.
Big thanks to @ melinda010100 and warmest congratulations from me too
@elitogold and @sandymeyer (thanks for showing me hive)
Thanks also from me @taskmanager

Thanks too. It's a pleasure to meet you miss. I hope that we meet again next time while you're having a wonderful time on hive. Or perhaps, I'll check your blog and give you a follow if I like your content. Have a good night rest.