Shadow hunters [STEM] Scientifically showing you a shadow in a reflection behind a silhouette

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Hello guys, I'm not much of a photo contest person, but I was encouraged by @melinda010100 regarding her shadow photo contest, I decided to join this event for the fun of it, and also because I have something to share with you. What is the connection between silhouette, reflection and shadow?

Shadow without a host will have no soul to the picture

First of all, I did not make a nominated shadow photo for submission, but I'd like to use this as one of many shadow photo. I live in some low cost area. I usually came back from morning walk 9am in the morning during Sunday. I would like to emphasize, I am actually focusing on the shadow of the plant over there. But you see, there is no way a shadow brings any meaning if the host is not in the picture. In this case, me, the tree, the lorry, and the poor little car that window got smashed are the hosts, and it brings the whole new meaning to those shadows in this picture.

Reflection is the inverted meaning of a shadow

As pointed out by @melinda010100 regarding people are confusing about silhouette and reflection against shadow, in my opinion they're the same. They're all somewhat a bi-product of light trail. This for example, is a reflection of the sky from the mirror. It mirror the light reflection of the sky. So, it's a shadow of projection from the sky that projected on the car windshield.

Silhouette is the direct image residue of backlight projection

This is rather interesting when people start to get confused of silhouette and shadow, thats because in order to create a silhouette photo, one need to stand BEHIND the shadow, shoot the object directly behind the source of light. In this case, the sun behind the buildings is the light source, the far skyline, the high voltage pole become the objective and created this silhouette. If you're flying above the sky, you will see that I'm standing in a shadow of the building shooting towards the building, and the back of the building is direct sunlight.

Ghosting flare and veiling flare

Come to ghosting and flaring issues, even night time shooting at moon will have this kind of problem. Wait a minute, aren't ghosting and flaring is considered shadow? That's exactly where the light source being projected as an inverted shadow, and shined on the camera lens. Note that the white dot above the building does not exist. But the camera phone somehow captured the ghosting flare from the moonlight. You know why is this happening and how to prevent it or make it work? That's because I was standing at a stair case, and there's light source from the top of my head that shine downwards. Despite my camera focus on the moon, but somehow the auto adjustment captures the reflection ON my camera lens.
Put it simple stupid, the light source being REFLECTED on the camera lens. When you take photo directly to the light source, there's a chance that the source being reflected ON the camera lens. As an when you capture the photograph, the PICTURE itself become the landing of the REFLECTION, which the reflected light source now become a "shadow". You'll be saying, I don't wanna taking a NEGATIVE shadow, which is the ghosting flare, how can I fix it?
Fortunately, there's a simple fix to this! As we have some knowledge about silhouette, shadow and reflection. In order to eliminate reflection, one need to do one thing, which is stay behind the SHADOW. In order to avoid shooting a silhouette, make sure the lens does not block by the object that create the shadow. Easy fix? There's a lot of science to this? Well, we're not scientist, neither are we professional photographer. All we care is, a simple way to fix a good shadow photo.

Combination of shadow, silhouette and reflections

This is a setup photo, on every Tuesday me and the kids will go for McDonald's breakfast regardless. I bring along my coffee, put it on top of my car, use the coffee cup to block the streetlight(silhouette). Due to the fact that the cup is blocking the streelight, and therefore the blocked portion now become a shadow. And the fun part is, the silver color car reflecting the lights back to the cup itself and lighten up the cup. Finally, the cup now has a reflection INSIDE the shadow. LOL. How fun?
With a little bit of streetwise technique, blocking and covering the surroundings of the lens, change your angle of shooting a little bit here and there, you can make a combination of amazing photo as well.

Please feel free to join @melinda010100 on the shadow hunting experience. Don't forget to submit your post with #esteemapp so you can earn an extra upvote from #esteem as well. This week contest announcement post can be found here, which is currently hosting by @annephilbrick. Feel free to check out other participant's submission by following the Shadow Hunters community at #hive-179017

I'm @davidke20, a huge layman science lover. I like to go for weekend walk in the morning, and I usually snap a ton of photographs during my morning walk. Apparently, I tried to do a selfie and it looked horrible.



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Thanks Melinda 🙂

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Saludos @davidke20. Buena explicación sobre la sombra, reflexión y demás. Me gusta tu sombra de ese gran envase de café, por que soy amante del café y me gusta verlo siempre. Lamento lo que hacen con el vidrio del auto, solo para expropiar. Un abrazo.

Greetings @davidke20. Good explanation about the shadow, reflection and others. I like your shadow of that great container of coffee, because I am a coffee lover and I like to see it always. I'm sorry for what you do with the car glass, just to expropriate. A hug.

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