My entry - Shadow hunters / SMASh Contest - Round 207: Mosque Tent Shadow

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Hallo.. Good evening all shadow hunter friends wherever you are, meet me again @abizahid. It's great to be able to contribute again to this great community.

This is my sixth entry in the #shadowhunters community, hosted by @melinda010100.

Yesterday afternoon I had a need to meet a friend who was waiting for me in the courtyard or courtyard of the mosque in our village. It was around 11.40am and he had been waiting for me for about 10 minutes at that place. Indeed, previously we had no appointments at all to meet, this was just an unplanned meeting. Arriving at the mosque, and after finishing my needs with the friend, I happened to see a large shadow appearing under the tent on the left side of the mosque. This tent is used when one day the mosque is full of adult male worshipers who pray, so in this courtyard, under the tent, children are welcome to pray. I took advantage of this moment to photograph it from various angles and the results looked good.

Here are some photos of the shadow of the mosque tent that I can share with all of my friends:






If you are interested in participating in this great community, here is the link

Well, that's all my post for tonight. Thank you #Hive friends for being willing to read, comment, and upvote my post. Don't forget to reblog my post if you like it and want others to see and read it too. And don't forget to also read my previous post. Warm greetings from me @abizahid...


LocationLhokseumawe - Indonesia
Object PhotosMosque Tent Shadow
Camera MakerXiaomi
Camera ModelRedmi Note 7
ISO Speed160
Flash ModeNo Flash

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You're welcome @abizahid, nice motivation! Have a nice day 😊👍

Clear and sharp shadow of the tent. Thank you for participating in the Shadow hunters contest. 😎 👏

You're welcome, thank you for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it 🤝🙏

Great shadow photos! I'm glad you noticed and captured these shots! Thanks for entering the shadow contest!

You're welcome, Miss @melinda010100, I'm also very happy that you are finally willing to come back to visit my blog. I will try to do my best in this community 🙏

Do you remember to put your link on the contest post?

Yes, that's the problem Miss Melinda, after I read one by one the posts embedded in this community, I finally knew that the fault was on me. I apologize for my omission. Thank you so much for reminding me Miss @Melinda 010100

I wish I had more time to go through the posts and remind people to post their links! It will be good to see your photos again!

Thank you very much for all your guidance Miss Melinda, you are a very nice person. Have a nice day...