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RE: Restauración de edificación de patrimonio cultural 💕 Heritage building restoration

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Hi @storiesoferne. Thank you very much, we barquisimetanos rejoice for the restoration of the museum and hope that cultural activities can be reactivated, with due care for the pandemic, of course.

Indeed, we did not want the initial mistake to be repeated and this suggestion was made by professionals specialized in the restoration of heritage buildings. Fortunately, the recommendation was followed and now we can only hope that time will prove them right.

On the other hand, in relation to what aspect I consider was the most challenging in the execution of the restoration work, I must say that it was definitely maintaining the originality of the structure and facades, since the type of architecture contained a large number of shapes, figures and arches that had to be reformed in its outermost layer, which had to maintain the harmony of the geometry.

Another challenging aspect was to remove the damaged frieze very carefully and avoid alterations that could weaken the earthen wall.

Thanks for the question, it was very interesting. Happy day to the whole ArchitectureDesign Community.


Indeed! Thanks so much, @xandra79 for your comprehensive feedback! I look forward to the full completion of your cultural museum for all Barquisimetanos to savor, cherish, and love for many generations to come. Have an awesome weekend friend! 😊