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RE: The Historical Center of my city. An example of architectural transformation over time //🏛 El Casco Histórico de mi ciudad. Ejemplo de transformación arquitectónica en el tiempo

Warm greetings @xandra79. It's such a pleasant surprise to see you back in our beloved community. We missed you and we're absolutely delighted that you've invested the time again to be posting your awesome content here.

Thank you for sharing the historic center of Barquisimeto. As you said, it's certainly necessary to humanize architecture - I agree. And only by doing so, we can fully experience the benefits of our built environments. Welcome back! I'm excited to enjoy and learn more from your upcoming publications! 😊

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Hello @storiesoferne. I missed you all too but I'm back hahaha and I have several publications in mind. Thank you for your words, I value them very much for coming from this community related to my publishing likes and for making me feel like family. A hug to all who make life in this great Architecture + Design community.

With our pleasure always @xandra79. Because we highly value your presence here, we're also grateful for your continued patronage. Cheers!