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RE: Ayurvedic Architecture and it's evident strength.

Our education system is not great according to my perspective many things aren't taught which needs to be in schools and colleges.

Hello @praditya. This is pretty much the harsh reality nowadays. And perhaps this was how several generations of students were influenced to believe - that education is only taught at schools. On the contrary, the benefits of additional know-how will always be a lifetime process. Only then do we evolve for the better.

Moreover, I'm simply fascinated with cultural origins and historic architecture, especially the ones that hail from your remarkable country of India. And it's satisfying to know that the Sanskrit language, one of the world's oldest forms of communication (with the likes of Sumerian and Egyptian) was the foundation for the Mayamatam. Isn't that Indian book a goldmine of precious knowledge? Who would have imagined that the architectural techniques extracted from its pages were far superior to our modern construction methods? We ideally should devote more attention to our ancestors, and offer them the huge recognition they deserve. We could not have reached this far in our existing building technologies if not for the technical accomplishments we got from their effective solutions. Ayurvedic architecture is absolutely amazing so, thank you very much for teaching us something new today! Happy Monday!


Hello @storiesoferne what a remarkable comment, I am grateful for people like you who appreciates the cultural strength of vivid nations and it feels great to be part of one of them.
Thank you so much for appreciating and supporting.
Keep flourishing and stay awesome.