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RE: The Unusual post office!

Hello @praditya! I'm glad you had the chance to visit some old as well as the more recent and modern post offices while being occupied with your leather bag business. That massive door hinge looks old and has quickly caught my attention due to its peculiar installation, shape, and style. Maybe that piece of hardware also served as a design statement for the door in that establishment?

Anyway, I also remember buying a leather bag in Chennai some time ago, and I still have it with me now. Its quality is great and it has served me well over the years. All the best to your leather bag design ventures! Stay safe and healthy there as India is currently in a critical state right now due to the pandemic. Take care!


Hi @storiesoferne
That door hinge was massive and my friends found me fool to click a picture of such old thing but they didn't know the curiosity. Anyways thank you for your wishes for my new venture.
Also as the conditions here are deteriorating due to second wave its too hard to step outside unless the urgency of work is supreme. Hope everything goes well as my family, close friends and I got vaccinated this week.
You too take care and stay safe and healthy.