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RE: [ENG] Observing the foundations / [ESP] Observando las fundaciones

A lovely sunny day to bond and stroll with the family indeed! By "hitting 2 birds with 1 stone", you enjoy intimate moments with your loved ones as well as gain new learning experiences from the surrounding excavation work and from your twin sons who are civil engineers! Isn't that wonderful? It's certainly a great joy to witness the construction process at its initial phases - the assembly of the structural components for the site's critical foundations.

May I know what type of building function they're constructing in that area @marcosmilano71?


Good morning from Venezuela. Hello friend @storiesoferne. Thanks for your comment. Certainly the sunny day and the family are a blessing. That construction takes years and is just in its founding phase. I presume that they have changed the use several times because now we asked and one of the workers answered us that it was going to be destined for a Mega Department Store. A kind of Shopping Center belonging to a specific brand. Here in Venezuela there is a major brand economic aberration. While the official propaganda that is transmitted outside the country says that we are a thriving country, those of us who survive here know that it is not so. Venezuela is getting worse every day, increasing poverty ... but on the other hand, this type of construction appears that nobody knows where the resources for its construction come from. This is life here. When this happens, common people say: "the owner of this must be a plug" (people from the government who have a lot of money) in contrast to the poor people. Thanks for comment. Thanks very much buddy. A virtual hug but full of respect and affection. Infinite blessings.

Buenos días desde Venezuela. Hola amigo @storiesoferne. Gracias por tu comentario. Ciertamente el día soleado y la familia son una bendición. Esa construcción lleva años y apenas está en su fase fundacional. Presumo que le han cambiado el uso varias veces porque ahora preguntamos y uno de los obreros nos respondió que iba a ser destinada para una Mega Tienda por departamentos. Una especie de Centro Comercial perteneciente a una marca específica. Aquí en Venezuela existe una aberración económica de marca mayor. Mientras la propaganda oficial que se transmite afuera del País dice que somos un País pujante, los que aquí sobrevivimos sabemos que no es así. Venezuela cada día está peor, aumentando la pobreza... pero por otra parte aparecen este tipo de construcciones que nadie sabe de dónde provienen los recursos para su construcción. Así es la vida aquí. Cuando esto pasa la gente común dice: " el dueño de esto debe ser un enchufado" (gente del gobierno que tiene mucho dinero) en contraste con el pueblo pobre. Gracias por comentar. Muchas gracias amigo. Un abrazo virtual pero cargado de respeto y cariño. Bendiciones infinitas.

That's amazing - a mega department store and a shopping center all in one! That would obviously take some years to complete due to the sheer size of the land area. Thanks a lot for the update and have a wonderful weekend!