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RE: [ENG] Military architecture in Venezuela / [ESP] Arquitectura militar en Venezuela.

Indeed, another marvelous architectural heritage from Venezuela! There are a lot of powerful stories behind these ancient stone walls that contributed to your country's independence. These military fortifications serve as a remarkable tribute to all the brave soldiers and silent heroes who have lost their lives for the freedom of your citizens. Happy to see your family having a wonderful tour of the landmark! As always, excellent article @marcosmilano71!


Hello friend @storiesoferne. Good morning from Venezuela. I reiterate my respect and my gratitude to you and this community. The truth is I am very grateful, now with more enthusiasm I am going to use this label for the value they give to its members. Infinite blessings. Regarding the visit to historical places, my family and I used to travel but now it is very difficult because we sold our car and because of the country's hyperinflation. There is no cash, no gasoline in this oil country. For that reason even public transport is difficult. I have several similar photographs. Fortunately we were able to travel and meet. As for the story behind each fort it is true. Yesterday (February 12) Venezuela commemorated Youth Day in honor of the heroic boys who defended the Republic in the Battle of Victory that occurred in 1814 within the framework of our Independence. A big virtual hug. Blessings.

Hola amigo @storiesoferne. Buenos días desde Venezuela. Reitero mi respeto y mi agradecimiento a ti y a esta comunidad. La verdad le estoy muy agradecido, ahora con más ganas voy a utilizar esta etiqueta por el valor que dan a los miembros de la misma. Bendiciones infinitas. En cuanto a la visita a los lugares históricos, mi familia y yo solpiamos viajar pero ahora es muy díficil porque vendimos nuestro carro y por la hiperinflación del país. No hay dinero en efectivo, ni gasolina en este país petrolero. Por esa razón hasta el transporte público es díficil. Yo tengo varias fotografía similares. Afortunadamente pudimos viajar y conocer. En cuanto a la historia detrás de cada fortaleza es cierto. Ayer (12 de febrero) Venezuela conmemoró el Día de la Juventud en honor a los heroicos muchachos que defendieron la República en la Batalla de la Victoria ocurrida en 1814 en el marco de nuestra Independencia. Un fuerte abrazo virtual. Bendiciones.

We hope that the economic situation in Venezuela would become better soon and would improve your lives and your fellow citizens. My salute also to the heroic boys who were instrumental in your country's independence! For that, they truly deserve a special national celebration called Youth Day to commemorate their courageous service. More blessings!