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RE: [ENG] Venezuelan migrants working with dignity / [ESP] Migrantes venezolanos trabajando con dignidad

Thank you @marcosmilano71 for sharing with us a touching story about your eldest son, Marcos Milano Jr., and the difficult journey of many migrant Venezuelan workers due to the current crisis! I understand how it feels to be away from your family and loved ones since I've also experienced the same situation many years ago.

On a positive note, it's also a joy to know that the genius of civil engineering and building construction is deeply engrained in your family line. I'm extremely proud and happy for your family heritage and for the valuable service it has offered to your country! I do hope and pray that the challenging problems would subside soon and would open the doors for your countrymen to progress and grow!


Thank you @storiesoferne for your comment. You really motivate with your words. This is a great family united by bonds of fraternity, good education, respect and values. I really do, thank you. I am glad to be able to share these humble details with you. Greetings and infinite blessings. And thank you for your good wishes. Note: From experience you know that the migrant's life is hard, as is being separated from loved ones.

Muchas gracias @storiesoferne por su conmovedor comentario. Verdaderamente ustedes motivan con sus palabras. Esta es una gran familia unida por lazos de fraternidad, buena educación, respeto y valores. De verdad gracias. Me alegra poder compartir estos humildes detalles con ustedes. Saludos e infinitas bendiciones. Y gracias por sus buenos deseos. Nota: Por experiencia Usted sabe que la vida del migrante es dura, como lo es estar separado de los seres queridos.