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RE: [ENG] IDB Clinic- Cabudare [ESP] Clínica IDB- Cabudare

Hello Benjamin. The IDB-Cabudare Clinic is definitely a remarkable project of modern healthcare architecture! Not only does that building emphasizes its efficient functionality and beautiful aesthetics, but it also enhances its patient care operations and capabilities with the healing power of its natural surroundings. Biophilic design principles have also been applied in its interior spaces to harness the life-giving effects of Mother Nature for better health, productivity, and well-being. Truly, this is a sustainable medical facility that's simply worthy of its prestigious awards. Thank you for sharing another marvelous architectural gem from Venezuela!


Hello dear erne, thank you for your excellent and gratifying comments. I got to know the recently opened clinic and it seemed to me, not only a magnificent modern work of architecture, but also very welcoming for those who need to use its health care services or simply visit it.