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Hello Benjamín. Congrats on the wonderful gift you've received from your generous friend! The photo below of a room within the Deichman Library in Oslo is the one that caught my attention. I'm deeply impressed by the interplay of different geometric shapes that are inspired by natural forms and the spacious interior that harnesses the sun's natural light. I'd definitely feel at home with a library like this because it's conducive to learning and research. What about you @besamu, what aspects of the architecture and design of that building have positively influenced you the most?



Hello Erne, although I am not an architect by profession, I have spent a good part of my life as a professor teaching philosophy courses at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Central University. I will dare to answer your question about what aspects of the architecture and design of that building have influenced me most positively. What impresses me the most is how they have managed to make a closed place looks like a continuation of the city, when entering the building the intensity of the light does not change, although the sound of the environment does. Once inside, the use of skylights that radiate the entire building is something prodigious from the point of view of the use of light. On the other hand, the generous spaces for consulting bibliography, or some of the spaces designed for other purposes, are simply welcoming. Although it is of old date to place books for direct contact with the user, it is still excellent that the idea continues to be in vogue in libraries of this nature. Finally, I am impressed that the library opens for other activities at night, although I could not find out what kind of activities are carried out, I am sure they must be to enrich the human spirit. I hope I have satisfied you with this answer more full of emotion than technicalities.

The technicalities of architecture are not required when confronted by marvelous built environments like the Deichman Library. Unless you're an architect or designer, those scientific data would matter. On the other hand, if we are not involved in this professional practice, our emotional connection to buildings is clearly what binds us together. In fact, this would be much easier for us to relate to because of our shared human nature. Having said that, you've perfectly narrated how you've truly felt while experiencing this remarkable masterpiece. Thank you for sharing your insights!