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RE: Real Sunken Cities: We should learn a better architecture and urban planning for coastal cities.

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This is really interesting. It made me think if there are undiscovered sunken cities here in the Philippines. This made me search a bit and something else struck me, this video

of part of Bulacan getting submerged. I hope that we won't reach a point that a whole City here will be submerged.

Thanks for sharing this and stay safe always!


I watched a documentary before about Bulacan. It is not due to sea level rise but due to over pumping of ground water. It result to land to sink every year. I also watched a GMA documentary about year ago on a place in Luzon that sunk.

Thanks for pointing this out to me. I'm just really thankful that we don't have to go through floods. Though the City that I live in is prone to earthquakes and landslides.