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RE: [ENG] Observing the foundations / [ESP] Observando las fundaciones

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That is such great post, The footing details are valuable. Architecture and design can be appreciated and admired by all one do not needs to have a professional background for that, appreciate your observing interest. Keep posting and greetings to your family.


Hi @ sahiba-frog. Good morning from Venezuela. I greet you with respect. Thank you for your valuable comment. You encourage me to continue investigating. I confess that I am very happy with this great family from the different friendly communities because there are valuable, decent, professional people who motivate, help and teach. Every comment is appreciated as a blessing from heaven. Thank you and infinite blessings for you and your loved ones. A virtual hug but full of respect and love.

Hola @sahiba-rana. Buenos días desde Venezuela. Te saludo con respeto. Gracias por tu valioso comentario. Me das ánimo para seguir investigando. Te confieso que estoy muy contento con esta gran familia de las distintas comunidades amigas porque existe gente valiosa, decente, profesional que motiva, ayuda y enseña. Cada comentario es apreciado como una bendición del cielo. Gracias e infinitas bendiciones para ti y para tus seres queridos. Un abrazo virtual pero cargado de respeto y mucho cariño.

Thank you and warm regards to you too, Always welcomed with lots of respect and appreciation. Keep posting, great content @marcosmilano71:))