Expressionist Signature Landmark- Lotus Temple.

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Lotus Temple

A long awaited visit was accomplished today. Finally, I visited Lotus Temple after years. It was much less crowded than expected. Before showing you the signature building of Delhi Let me highlight the fact that the administrative department allowed me after visiting hours to study the building when I told them that I am an Architect and just passed the college couple of months ago.


Architect Fariborz Sahba was the one who designed it with reputed construction contractors L&T and F&L for Bahá’í house of worship.
The structure is basically a meditation hall with no idol to preach one can come here and preach their own god in silence which was amazing. They symbolises peace even also there is no donation or entry fee.
This is situated in around 26 acers of land, housing wonderful landscaping, the main meditation centre, administrative building, library, conference hall and recently constructed residential blocks just for staff.
some glimpse of landscaping


A very strategically planned landscape with smaller trees closer and wide spread across lawn and larger trees at the periphery. As a visitor one will have a very rich experience considering the fact that the main lotus meditation hall is designed in white marble and rest of the building structure which can be seen in the above bottom image into sandstone as same as the pathways and low rise specially covered by large trees which brings on distinctive focus on the main structure. Isn't it marvellous?
There is huge underground waste water system which is used in watering this huge spread landscape so no to any wastage and each gardener had khaki uniform and hat depicting discipline.
I cannot praise enough how fascinating was the structure, have a look-


Expressionist architecture


Basically the structure resembles the half open lotus flower which is vividly visible also there are actually nine petals and water bodies surrounded between each of them. I could see contour on the site considering the fact that Delhi has flat topography but the contour here were very interestingly used. almost half of the structure has nothing but earth below it and rest of it have a bottom level and those are used for administrative purposes which can be spotted on the picture above.

The sandstone's bench at the extreme right in the above picture is not just bench, interestingly they are ventilation boxes for the basement and a slab added strategically making it a seating.

These were two charcoal sketches which I made quickly. I always wanted to have such a fun picture which will remind me of the peaceful time spent there. This was a solo trip and I wanted to paint there but that would consume a lot of time so these 5 minutes sketches were more than enough.

Inside of this structure was well planned concrete ceiling with ample no. of maintain the temperature and lightings.



The entire structure is made up of concrete the outer shell has marble framed over the concrete structure and the inner dome receives most of the light through the skylights which are planned really carefully between the petals such that the entire hall lits with the sunlight. the seating can house upto 1300 people comfortably and to very keen interest of the designer they made the benches have lotus pattern which could be seen in the picture above. How fascinating!
The cleanliness was top notch, one needs to take off shoes before entering and they use harnesses and pulley to manually clean the high ceiling. Coming to the outer shell, it is highly maintained moreover the drainage is vividly planned, through the bottom of each petal there's a not so noticeable drain which leads the water to the basement in waste water management tank.
Expressionist Architectural style is used here, its's like breaking the monotony, the curves were so intricate and details let's have a closure look-

This is my favourite of the bunch
Appreciating the fine details over there that was a day well spent. Also this building houses solar panels, all the artificial lightings are run through solar power.
I really wanted to click the picture of the library as it had a very delicate model of the structure but it wasn't allowed. Also the nine pools surrounding the structure and it's nine petals are aesthetically appealing and helps maintain temperature.
I honestly had so many pictures to showcase how this structure is signature landmark of Delhi but already this post has been long. So, if you find a way in Delhi, India, do visit here! just few steps away from metro and have a huge parking for personal vehicle.
To be volunteer here one can reach out to their admin area. By the way such structures bring life to the city not only attracting tourists but such marvellous showcase of expressionist style of architecture is rare to witness with peaceful environment and sustainable functionality.


Above mention pictures belongs to me, Also visit @ocd for architecture competition and our Architecture+Designcommunity for fascinating content.



Having problems with creative ideas? No worries, Mother Nature always has the answer!

I said this because of how the humble lotus flower inspired the architectural design of this magnificent temple! Its distinct shape also reminds me of the Sydney Opera House because of the striking similarities in their curving exterior concrete shells. As always, beautifully written post and great hand sketches @sahiba-rana! Keep up the awesome work!

Yes, It too reminded me of Opera house, very well observed. You said it absolutely right nature got the solutions! Thanks a ton @storiesoferni for appreciating and always supporting, Have a lovely week.😊😊

Such a heavenly place.
It seems mother nature always has a way out and makes one put on their creativity hat lol.
This is a lovely shot and a cool place to be.
Good work!

Thank you @zellypearl for wonderful comment and appreciation. Mother nature really got its way.

Sure it does. Anything nature-inspired is the best :)

The architecture of the Lotus Temple is purely sublime!😍 So much purity in the selection of materials and emotion in its composition. Quite strategic in their light planning as well, to see natural light pouring in profusely but softly without causing glare. I suppose it is worth the long wait for the visit? It's so inspiring that you studied the structure and made sketches as well! I'll add this to my list of places to visit in India.

Thanks a ton for appreciation @discoveringarni . I agree the lights, materials and emotions are all well composed. oh yes, do visit here whenever you visit India and let me know if you'll need a company.
Thanks again, have a lovely week.😊😊

Lotus temple have a beautiful architecture and you have clicked the photos to capture that beauty in the images. Wonderful job !

Thank you @coffeelovers😊

I have seen Lotus temple when I was in Delhi, unfortunately, couldn't manage to go inside as it was the weekend and overcrowded. The structure itself is unique and ironic. Isn't it called Bahāʾī tal temple or something like that?

Weekends must be overcrowded. As I mention It is mad for Bahá’í house of worship. The place is amazing, Thanks for wonderful comment 😊

Awesome detailed blog of an amazing and fascinating building! That concrete work must have been done by master craftsmen, so impressive!
I love how they designed it so that natural light floods in.
Well deserved first place @sahiba-rana, you obviously chose the right occupation as your love for architecture comes through in your blog, enjoy!

Hey @lizelle Thanks a lot for such a wonderful comment. Also that building is amazing.
Thanks again for your kind words:)

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Hey @diyhub Thank you :)

Thank you @posh

Such a beautifully designed building!

Hello @doughertymusic
Indeed a marvellous structure, Thanks for your comment :)

Great post buddy!

Hey @praditya Thanks :)

Good morning @sahiba-rana, your post makes us want to visit this Expressionist architectural marvel.

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Good morning @aplusd and thank you :)