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trial post.jpg

Illusions are the most creative way to illustrate any building or architectural spaces. I am mostly into realistic renders but trying and learning new thing are the symbol of growth.
So, purely out of curiosity to try something new I managed to watch few illustrations on Instagram and youtube and create one for my own project. During college (which ended last year) we were never told to create such illustrations which is not good, creativity must be free flowing and not curbed. I really liked working on such things even for fun.
Being amateur in illustrations these two were my first attempts yesterday.
Actually these illustrations are creative way to express the details and communicate through design and actually explain the concept behind, I will work on more detailed illustrations for sure as they are really handy to explain to client the concept through art.

trial post 2.0.jpg

For creating them I used my 3bhk housing building's model, this was one of my college project and not been executed in reality (Hope it does). Then through Lumion I took out watercolour renders of two perspectives one coloured and other black n white. which little adjustments in fx.
Later dragged both of them in photoshop, cropped them, added sun disc , clouds, textures, circles, used my brush tool a lot. Then for those birds and people I used illustrator. Though I have already downloaded few of ai files of people, trees and birds long ago, they came handy for this illustration, I could do it in photoshop but don't know why illustrator give much better user experience and also these were vector images so I had to.
Also I am building a new portfolio so these might get some space there. I really felt good by utilizing time doing these. but I can do better, so I shall come up with my next illustrations and few renders.
Being new to this, I am eager to receive some advices below.



This a good illustration and like you said it's a little hard to describe what you have on paper or art to people or your clients.
Except the person is also in your field of work.
When I was younger, I used to see my dad with long paper or even a small book trying to draw or design a project or building for his clients, and most times I used to ask him questions even when I couldn't understand most of the things he said, I was only curious lol.
This is a nice design and I wish you the best in your project.

Thank you @zanoz that is sweet of you to appreciate. Simple illustrations are the best way to communicate to clients.
Thanks again, hope you have lovely week:)

Yes, simple and good ones.
Have a blessed week! :)

Through years of work, I have realized that most people cannot visually understand a drawing, even if it is a photorealistic render. Something in those shadows is unclear to many. I've even seen some architects who don't have a very clear view of the perspective drawings. But every hand-made drawing delighted everyone. I even think they are more thrilled that they find it very difficult to do than they understand the drawing better. These are very good illustrations. Enjoy your work.

That is such a thoughtful comment, Thank you a lot for appreciating and shedding some light on reality.
Hope you have a great weekend:)

I like your style of rendering. I watched a designer's youtube video showcasing a style of presentation that is similar to this which is a growing trend as well and the watercolor effect makes the project more relatable and approachable in a way. Great post!

Thanks a lot @discoveringarni and yes this is quite trending using illustrator, moreover a nice approach for conceptual understanding of the project.
Thanks again for appreciating, Regards:)

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For architects and designers, sketching by hand with a pencil or ink pen on paper is the fastest and most practical way of translating thoughts into presentable ideas! Then add a dash of watercolor - magic happens! Aside from architectural illustrations, what other interesting subjects do you love to draw @sahiba-rana?

Indeed you are correct, by the way I am into realistic renders of projects and charcoal art of human emotions moreover past few days I have developed some inclination towards illustrations of architectural drawings. I shall showcase them through my posts. Thank you for asking and showing interest on the post's subject.
Wishing you a great week:) @storiesoferni

Wow! I’m excited and I look forward to seeing more of your awesome work! Happy weekend! 😊

Thanks @poshbot