The Samsara- Traditional and modern architecture fusion!

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Samsara Resort in Jim Corbett

A bliss in nature, Two years ago my friends and I visited Jim Corbett national park. It was indeed a wonderful experience. But not just the nature wooed us but the resort in which we stayed was luxurious with wonderful structure.
The fusion of traditional with modern architectural style is depicted here. This place is 7 acers wide spread and all wonderfully planned. it got us covered for all amenities one can ask for!


That's the way to our block, the use of materials depicts nature, The handrail and column in the balcony were all wooden logs, Also the balusters at the side of the pebbled pathways were wooden logs too. not to forget the organic shape of the balcony and the parapet wall with holes in the wall and the mustard coloured plaster on the façade walls perfectly contrasts with the brown woodlogs.
The mixture of rustic , raw and modern aesthetics makes us spell bound to the place. The accessories and and details made us felt we are in some luxurious jungle. the ropes bound to the railings and the very traditional and aesthetic furniture.

This is the foyer area and thus completely loops in the concept of "traditional and modern" fusion. The table with culturally designed pots and vases and traditionally handmade wooden local table. With the ultra modern lounge chairs and a coffee tables all sharing same space. defines the conceptual thought process.
I am unaware of the architect who designed it but surely they did a great job.

Since we are talking about the interior, let me throw in a picture from the restaurant which was clicked behind the glass wall, the prominent shade must be self explanatory though.
The modern flooring, glass walls and electronics which such an interesting furniture is another loop for the concept. They are all empty because it was early morning and I tried to click pictures when people aren't around for the sake of focus on architectural perspectives.

That's a random collage, showing , we playing cricket on grassland, the barbeque counter to the extreme right, which was huge. Then comes the gym, which we never went to over there it was all those junk food and fun food days, and last one is of a dustbin! Yes, Dustbin, It was quite funny but it was so pretty I just couldn't resist myself sharing it with you all.

Now the Swimming pool's turn-


One cannot miss the the direction boards before the entrance of the pool area, all wood and raw. the façade is all traditional from Thatched roof to the old wood log on the pebbled pathway leading to the pool area.




I admire this place a lot, this view is breath-taking. There were three pools smaller one for kids, a jacuzzi and the other was deeper.
The moderate temperature added to our enjoyment there. the landscaping was wonderful. The larger trees at the periphery and the shrubs and flowers closer to us.
The thatched roof gazebo added the traditional value and the modern landscaping and pools were the loop to the concept.

The left one is the last thing we saw there that's the camp fire open atrium was was amazing and the seating's were made up of sandsone. the right one is the picture of our entrance to the resort, this was a long pathway leasing to the buildings within the property. The cobblestone pathways were very fascinating, since this place is in the mountains, surrounding Jim Corbett jungle so the contour is mandatory.
Since this post is dedicated to the resort and it's architecture, I would take another post to showcase the jeep safari, museum, bridge, adventurous activities we did there.
If you plan to visit there, this is the best place to stay.

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Hello @praditya, this building is indeed an interesting fusion of traditional and modern architecture! When you say traditional, do you mean native Indian architecture? If so, can you give us some examples of architectural features, motifs, or details that demonstrate the traditional aspect of the Samsara's design?

Hello @storiesoferne Thanks a ton for appreciation :D
Indian traditional Architecture is a wide subject but As far as Samsara's Architecture is concerned, it is located in Uttarakhand, The traditional styles of that area are Thatched roofs, slight mustard walls and holes openings in walls for decorative as well as ventilation purposes , bamboo partition walls and wooden furniture, which was all included in this resort's structure but a little addition of tiles, marbles, the amenities and interior made it modern. Calling this style a fusion was what I derived as a conclusion.

Well said! Since India is a massive continent, it makes a lot of sense when it comes to the diversity of traditional architectural styles that can be found in each state. Many thanks for showing this interesting building with a creative design mix!

Thanks for appreciating:)

What an unusually designed building. It's also spacious and looks pretty quiet and empty. Were there few guests during your visit? Haha, the dustbin is in disguise.

It was very peaceful, yes there were two more group of people and a school group came, but I clicked pictures mostly when people weren't around, as during day most of the people went out for jeep safari and all.
That dustbin was a disguise though, initially we thought it's just a decorative structure :p
Thank you for your kind words :)

Great decision to take advantage of the site when there's no one around. You're welcome and have a nice day

I like fusion works because to me they are quite attractive structures. This is a beautiful resort to spend a nice holiday...

Yes, I agree fusion works are very unique and that resort is worth spending quality time. Thank you @priyanarc for wonderful comment :)

Hello @praditya it has been pleasant to observe this place with its spaces and designs where nature is very well exalted. The bohios with their palm roofs are perfect for the traditional setting and the use of wood in columns, balconies, ceilings, railings, which is very convenient to create a traditional fusion design with the modern. The architecture is very rich and creative. Even the interior design is very suitable for this purpose. The good detail of the garbage can cannot go unnoticed :)
The Samsara invites you to enjoy it. Beautiful place.

Thank you @sorprendente for your kind words and detailed appreciation of the place. people interested in architecture cannot go without noticing the details.
Thanks again hope you have a wonderful week:)

Thanks to you @praditya. I still wish you an excellent week!

wow! that looks like a really nice place relax 🤩 thank you for sharing!

Thank you for commenting @ilovewintergem :)

Thank you @aplusd:)

Wonderful place, really liked the swimming pool's picture!
Great post buddy.

Thank you buddy.

Amazing building, thanks for sharing

Hello @stefano.massari Thanks for appreciating:)