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RE: [ENG] Simple homage to the greatness of a genius. / [ESP] Sencillo homenaje a la grandeza de un genio.

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What picturesque pieces of architecture! Reminds me of some little village churches and chapels I saw in Mexico. Thanks for sharing these Venezuelan gems with us :)

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Good morning from Venezuela. Hi @phortun. Thank you very much for your vote, for your comment and for your support. Certainly our artist, artisan creator of wonders. He learned to see God in every element of nature. I invite you to see the documentary that I gave to my friend @storiesoferne, in that video you can see the Artist. Thanks and infinite blessings.

Buenos día desde Venezuela. Hola @phortun. Muchas gracias por tu voto, por tu comentario y por tu apoyo. Ciertamente nuestro artista, creador artesanal de maravillas. Él aprendió a ver a Dios en cada elemento de la naturaleza. Te invito a ver el documental que le pasé a mi amigo @storiesoferne, en ese video podrás ver al Artista. Gracias e infinitas bendiciones.