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The benefits of joining architecture and design community can never be overlooked, while this is my first post in this great community, no doubt, I have been part of this great community for a while now, I used to read a lot of benefiting articles and render my little effort, either through up-voting via my little Hive Power or commenting and sharing of the post from this great community, especially @juecoree blogs on Architecture and Design among others who are making wave in the architecture and design community.

Why I decided to write to this great community today is because of the overwhelming disaster that is rocking the architecture and design construction sector in my country. A typical example of this brutality is the recent collapsed of a twenty one (21) story riser which killed almost 42 people, including the owner of the building. There were many of such instance in the past which I can make reference to.

Although, thorough Investigation to know the real cause of the unfortunate incident is still going on, but the information at our end now is that the building construction was initially planned to contain fourteen (14) story riser until the owner asked the developers to raise it to 21 story riser which was not initially planned for, secondly the materials used in constructing the building were reported not to be of good quality and that made the contractor who was formerly handling the project to stepped down from taking the project further when it reached four (4) stories.

Below are the images of the collapsed building


Image of the collapsed building from B B C NEWS


A close look at the image of the collapsed building from B B C NEWS


Exact location of the collapsed building from B B C NEWS

What has gone wrong between today's construction and the old days construction!

I kept asking myself about the wrong steps we have taken in the architecture and design sector in the country which has resulted to the collapse of buildings here and there, I compared the presence to the old days, for instance almost all our stories building built in the old days are still standing strong and tall. A typical example of the old buildings is the house called cocoa house in Ibadan city, its image is shown below


Cocoa house in Ibadan. Image from Flickr

Cocoa house in Ibadan was built around 1960-1965, its height was estimated to be 105 metres, it was known then to be the tallest building in the whole of Nigeria. The building is still standing strong and tall like it was newly built, in fact, there are more of such old building in the country which are still standing tall and strong.

The quality of building and construction materials in the country nowadays has denigrated and call for the attention of the government to critically look into the sector and provide a way out of the mess and the pathetic situation rocking the architecture and building construction sector in the country.

Either you have built a house, office or not, we all live somewhere built with building materials, thus, it is highly important we all take any necessary measure to ensure the quality of our building and architecture materials is up to the standard that can easily be reckoned with globally.

You can click on the link here to view beautiful designs, including exterior and interior designs of the collapsed building

Thanks for reading through, your contribution is always appreciated!


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This saddens me. My heartfelt condolences to the relatives and families of the people killed in the collapse of the building.

Thanks @afterglow ! I appreciate

You're welcome (^_^)

Indeed, an Architect's profession holds one of the world's most crucial and critical responsibilities as it affects the welfare of humanity. I'm sorry about that tremendous catastrophe that your country had to suffer from. With so many lives lost, it's obvious proof that constructing skyscrapers and other high-rise buildings is not a joke. I was even surprised as to why the developers built a 21-story tower that had the structural capacity for only 14 levels. Isn't that supposed to be common sense?

A warm welcome @noble-noah to the Architecture+Design Community!

Thanks @storiesoferne for the warm welcome and condolences.

I was even surprised as to why the developers built a 21-story tower that had the structural capacity for only 14 levels. Isn't that supposed to be common sense?

yes you are right, but it seems that common sense is not common nowadays, especially when the corruption is at its peak.

With pleasure @noble-noah. Oh yeah, we need to promote and practice more common sense nowadays. We can definitely save more lives with it. 😊

OMG that's devastating, such malpractices are really hazardous. Considering how painful it is loosing lives. I agree with your perspective. Keep sharing in our community.
Have a great day ahead.

Yes @sahiba-rana ! Thanks for the warm welcome, I appreciate

Well done @noble-noah! We're happy to inform you that this publication was specially curated and awarded RUNNER-UP in Architecture Brew #47. Congratulations!


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Every day is more surprising the irresponsibility with which construction is handled by corruption as the main cause. Without scruple some proceed regardless of the fatal risks like this case you present us @noble-noah. It is very unfortunate the loss of lives. It is very sad.
Welcome to the Architecture+Design community and keep contributing content of interest. Blessings to you.

Thanks @sorprendente ! I appreciate your reply and warm welcome. Regards

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