Recycling of Building Materials AND On-site Demolition of The Biggest Provisions/Groceries Wholesale Market in Ibadan

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Greeting to all the lovers of Architecture and Design Community, just last month I discussed about the tragedy that happened in Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria which led to the death of almost forty two (42) people including the owner and that incident changed my perception towards architecture and design community.

Today is also another collapse of skyscraper building but a deliberate demolition of the biggest provisions/food/groceries wholesales market in the whole of Ibadan, Nigeria (the largest city in west Africa).


Image showing an aerial look of the demolited Bodija market in Ibadan, Nigeria


My Experience

Whosoever passes through Bodija International Market today, we have no choice than to pity the rented owners of the market where the buildings are being demolished, of course, the government has given them notice prior to the demolition but some of them did not take the demolition serious until recently when they started the demolition. Some of the people could not finish packing their store before the ugly incident. No doubt, people who recently repair their buildings have lost huge money and resources including food stuffs due to this ugly incident.

Passing through an area where demolition of building is taking place is not advisable at all, today was a hectic day, especially when I was struggling to capture the scenarios, in fact, the sound, the dust, the heat, the fire, the thugs and the inconvenience were all joined together as a sacrifice towards narrating my experience in an on going demolition of Bodija market buildings in Bodija Ibadan, Nigeria.

Recycling of the Demolished Building


Men at work. An image showing the recycling of the demolished building which consist of granite, stones, sand and iron rods

As it can be seen from the captured images above, giant men were at work separating the demolished building materials, the materials majorly include sand, rock, stones and iron. More captured images are shown below:


The use of excavator machine to destroy old existing skyscrapers building on the said site.

As it can be seen from the above image, the building materials were being removed and separated with the help of machine and some giant men who had to hammer the solid and bonded rock. More pictures showing the giant men when they were hammering the rock were also captured and displayed below


An image showing the recycling of the demolished Bodija International Market buildings, separating the sand, stones and solid pillars from iron rods by manually hammering the bonded pillar


An image showing the cutting of the long iron rods using electric rod cutting machine as the activities was being carried out in the image above


An image showing the packaging of the building materials (Iron rods) into the vehicle for storage and safety purpose


It was a live experience today at Bodija International Market, Ibadan Nigeria where old skyscrapers buildings were being demolished and recycling at the same time. One might be wondering why recycling the building materials immediately after the demolishing of the buildings, the reason is not far fetched and it is because of the fact that if the building materials should be left without monitoring and recycling it at that point, the hoodlums will pack everything within a twinkling of an eye, they were already around even at the point of capturing the scenarios, they almost collect my camera, if not that I handled the situation professionally.

Thanks for reading through and I hope my today's experience on recycling and demolition of Bodija International Market buildings, Ibadan Nigeria will be of benefit to the community at large.

Note: All the images were captured via my camera phone and edited using Adobe photoshop.