Going Green with the Application of Renewable Energy in Building Construction

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In my last post, I wrote on practical application of urban vegetation which is the first adopted technique towards mitigating energy consumption, you can read about it here, however, green architecture as asserted in the last post may involve a technique or combination of techniques such as the application of urban vegetation as written in my last post, also, the application of renewable energy in building construction among others.


An image showing a well setup solar power renewable energy that can generate up to A 250-watt (W) using 4 solar panels

Today, our focus is to discuss the application of renewable energy in building construction as a means towards mitigating energy construction.

Clean and renewable energy have become the fastest growing energy today, especially in Africa where there is instability of electric power couples with the growing industrialisation, no doubt clean and renewable energy will certainly be a key to economic driver in the nearest future.


An image showing an inverter with 10kva/96v inverter. 200ah batteries * 8 using 340w * 16 solar panels as shown in the image below


An image showing 340-watt (W) using 16 solar panels

One of the natural and essential resources that we have in abundance is sun, its ray of light heat our bodies without any form of permission, therefore, there must be a thing or many we can do with it, solar power technology has the ability to harness this form of clean, free and abundant form of energy through the use of photovoltaic cells.

Solar power has established itself as a green solution when it comes to both home and industrial use, it is being used to run air conditioners (AC) and other electrical appliances in both homes and offices.


An image showing 2.5Kva/24v inverter 220 ah * 2 batteries 340-watt (W) using 4 solar panels as shown in the image below


An image showing a well setup 4 solar panels of the inverters shown above

It was first discovered in 1839, more than 2,700 years ago by Alexandre Edmond Becquererl, when he made an attempt to generate electric current via a conductor that was hit by ray of light (sun). Thus, it was later modernized into silicon photovoltaic cells which was completed at Bell Laboratories in 1954. However a series of transformation including efficiency has taken place and the cost of installation has also decreased drastically.


An image showing 300-watt (W) * 8 solar panels

One of the causes of global warming as previously discussed in my last post is the combustion of carbon and greenhouse gases due to the burning of fossil fuel, however, use of solar power has become a green solution which has drastically reduced the amount of toxic pollution that has direct effect on the adults, children and both plants and animal.


An image showing a well set up 350w using 4 solar panels

The building where the solar panel power was set up in the above picture was built within vegetation region, thereby enjoy the combination of both urban vegetation and renewable energy. It was such a cool and non toxic environment with solar power as alternative to source of electricity.


An image showing a well set up solar panel with 450-watt (W) using 6 solar panels

It was a nice experience to go out with GAINPOWER TECHNOLOGIES to setup renewable energy for both homes and industries and I'm sure you will all like to use solar power due to its noiseless nature since it has no engine or require one to generate the required power needed to carry out the activities in the homes and industries.

During the on site installation of solar power, one could experience varies capacity to the power of solar panel being set up across homes and industries as shown in the images above, the inverter and the number of solar panels to be considered depends on the size of households equipment to be powered couples with the power duration requirement.


Note: All the images shown above belongs to me @noble-noah, it was carefully captured during the on site installation of renewable energy (solar power), in collaboration with GAINPOWER TECHNOLOGIES Nigeria.

Have you used solar power in your home before, what was your experience all about?

Personally, I felt going green with renewable energy such as solar power adds additional value to buildings either being used for residential or industrial purpose and perhaps I may be wrong.

I will like to read your beautiful thought about going green with solar power.

Thanks for your interaction always, I appreciate!


Elon Musk is probably today's forerunner of renewable energy. By adapting to his revolutionary ideas and by tapping on this enormous potential for power we can source from the sun and other natural forces, our long-term survival is assured. Exploiting fossil fuels, on the other hand, would only degrade our planet plus make problems worse. Hence, it's also a big must that renewable energy is harnessed by architecture and our built environments as they are one of the most dominant consumers of power. Great post! 😊

Yes, @storiesoferne ! That is the truth and the future. Elon Musk is a visionary leader. There is a need to efficiently harness the power of the renewable energy and the sun is something we have in abundant, it doesn't expire, it is not limited and it is free. Incorporating it in our life styles, environment and our building architecture adds more value and worth.

I'm glad for such a remarkable comments. Regards!

I agree, Musk led the way, now everyone is changing

Indeed @stefano.massari. Thanks to visionaries and game-changers like Elon Musk, we are assured of a brighter, more sustainable, and happier future. Grateful to you for joining the conversation. Appreciate it! 😊

Thank you for giving us this great information.
I do not think that Africa really invests in renewable energies. For example, in my country, Algeria, where there is a vast desert with an insolation period of more than 2000 hours annually, the state still uses costly and environmentally harmful methods to generate electric power.

Yes @benainouna ! Africa always lags behind when it comes to embracing new technology but I think the drama is changing here in Nigeria and it is starting with the citizens. The adoption has been on increase side and we hope the government will embrace it also. I have been longing to visit your country Algeria for a while now. I hope I will achieve that one day. Regards to you my dear brother!

Thank you @noble-noah It is good to hear that the citizens of Nigeria are starting to use renewable energies, this shows awareness
I wish progress and prosperity to Nigeria, and greetings to you and all the brotherly Nigerian people
And you are welcome to Algeria at any time you want, just send me a message when you want to come and I will welcome you

it looks like a very well built photovoltaic system. I too am thinking about this list. It is not only a technological change, but also a cultural one. Very good article

Yes @stefano.massari ! A worthy cultural change. Glad to read your good remarks! Enjoy

Congratulations @noble-noah! We're delighted to specially curate your awesome publication and award it RUNNER-UP in Architecture Brew #55. More power!


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