Looking For Yourself With 4x6 / Spherical Space And Looking For Where Are We?

Hello friends of the.....
#Architecture+Desing community. This is my first post, before I start, allow me to introduce myself for a moment with some hope there?


House and Business Residence Diameter 4x6/ square.

I started getting to know blogchaining around 2/26/2021, and I started to create this account, and chose an account name with @lingkar-photo, why did I choose that name, I like photography, and it may have become a bit of a hobby that is also until now I developed this.

I come from Indonesia, and I am an Acehnese national, to be exact, I was born in the Old city of Lhokseumawe, and here it is still a very underdeveloped city in all respects, both from several forms that maybe you also know some Indonesian users by coming from the same area as me.

I have a small family, and already have 3 sons, and my daily life is only writing and also starting a new journey while writing and also as a hobby at this time which I also hone with hobbies in several things.

Re-learning to be able to appreciate the meaning of calm and falling, meanwhile from my routine in these last days. Even though a hurricane that reaches with noise and can return with devastation, and makes me return with nothing there, repeats From 0. It's been so many years and more than a month and a half now, opening my mind a bit to a new perspective on life in the era of 2022, open without there is another routine as usual. I feel as if I'm trapped by anxiety, doubt, and hatred after all my plans have stalled or haven't moved at all, and that leaves me with the task of rebuilding our fallen state Above all these circumstances, And learning to appreciate how my life seemed to be slow down for a while and who knows how long it will repeat.


This small space is ordinary and while thinking for a moment. It allows us to find ourselves. There are times when a small room can limit all my frozen thoughts. It seems contradictory, but it's the truth. I'm starting to like small spaces because after a lot has happened. They symbolize peace, solitude, and serenity, and thus we can freely express ourselves simply and nicely, and regardless of whether we like spaces big or small, everyone needs space to pour out their thoughts and emotions. We need to make sure that we take this space for ourselves and give it to people who can't have an idea, whether in public or huddled in a small room. A small, quiet, undisturbed space is the perfect location to sit, reflect, think, and expand ourselves in all that exists.


This is a space where I can breathe a sigh of relief, and not have to worry about hours and time being wasted in vain, far behind because of a rule that is always met, and the fatigue on the shoulders doesn't pay off. Now I leave it all much more beautiful and better to be in a small room, which I start with full pride and maturity will leave a more comfortable sleep and also be able to do many things without thinking about things that cost me a lot of time which only I have and the results I get are sometimes not worth the exhaustion that has passed.




And this is a simple interior with an irregular layout and here I have spent the noise struggling from the beginning but I really enjoyed it well, it looks like the interior is still under construction but that's all I did to be at ease and able to get and breathe my own air and feeling relieved about this new journey, and I started with a 4x6/ side room with a small family while diving into blogchaining.

This allowed me to immerse myself, in my inner world and also reflect on the goodness in the midst of the difficulties I was in at the time. sometimes fear and instead of making, to be attracted. We all need space to let go of our sometimes stiff and cramped thoughts, and once again, a small, quiet, undisturbed place is the perfect place to sit, reflect, think, and develop ourselves as to what we're going to move on and do to keep going with it. comfortable and also able to rise proudly.


Hayeeeeeuuu that....