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RE: Sacred Geometry, Symbolism and Architecture

in Architecture+Design7 months ago

So even the life story relates to geometry.

Hmm. That is possible if we track every fine details in our life and find patterns on it. I think we can have geometries hidden in it. Similar to how a chaotic and random event can generate fractals.

You even talked about God like creating the Universe. I thought some scientists didn't believe in the existence of God because they were so knowledgeable but you mentioned it here.

I think that is a common perception with regards to science (on being atheist), but not as a whole though. I think there are handful of scientist who believe in God, but they may have a different definition to it. Einstein once said that there are two Gods (not literally God as we perceived in religion): one falls within the boundary of science while the other is not. I think few would agree on collective consciousness and grand design. !PIZZA



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